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There is a very strange NPC, you can come across very early on in Bloodborne, called Eileen the Crow. She is a friendly hunter of hunters hidden in a passageway close to the entrance into the sewers in Central Yharnam.
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We’ll explain how to find Eileen the Crow in Central Yharnam and activate her for Tomb of Odeon and other locations. Just talking to her when you first meet her will give you two rewards: 4x Bold Hunter’s Mark and Shake Off Cape Gesture. If you thought that is all there is to this NPC you are gravely mistaken. There are several things that can happen in a single playthrough and the way it all plays out will affect what rewards and unlocks you receive. If you are interested in what weapons, items and gestures you can potentially receive from interactions with this mysterious hunter of hunter read on.

Eileen the Crow Central Yharnam location

Eileen can first be encountered when you get to the entrance into the sewer area of Central Yharnam. From the spawn point go left (that is a shortcut you probably unlocked to get to Cleric Beast boss) and through the house (don’t go upstairs). Pass the area with dogs in cages (you will probably have to fight a couple) and continue straight. You will pass by the house with senior citizens requesting help to your left and you are at the entrance to the sewers. Go right from the entrance and destroy some barrels and coffins to reveal a secret entrance. Once inside that room go along the right hand wall and destroy additional crates to reveal another secret passageway. At the end you will see Eileen. Talk to her twice to get rewards. You do not have to have killed any bosses by now and if she is not there you might be a victim of an in-game bug.Here’s a video guide for her first location:

Eileen Shhh! Gesture

Once you reach Cathedral Ward, but before you triggered the Tomb of Oedon event for Eileen you can find her hanging out just outside the exit out of Oedon Chapel. When you spawn at Cathedral Ward lamp head straight and as you exit the building turn immediately right and she should be standing there. She should start appearing there once you unlocked the shortcut to Vicar Amelia boss fight, but before the Tomb of Oedon event with her starts. IF you find her and talk to her she will give you the “Shhh!” gesture and talk about the upcoming fight with Hunter Henryk. It is not necessary to complete this step in the questline in order to unlock the next step, so don’t worry if you missed it (except if you are a gesture collector – then you have to play the game all over or catch her during NG+)

Eileen the Crow Tomb of Oedon location

You will have to kill Cleric Beast and Father Gascoigne and reach Cathedral Yard zone before the next time you are able to meet Eileen. Once in Cathedral Yard you will have to get a key called Hunter Chief Emblem, that can be purchased in Hunter’s Dream from normal vendor there for 10000 Blood Echoes. You unlock the central yard gate with the purchased key. You will also have to unlock the big gate at the other end of the central yard. I usually do this by taking the long way around the central yard along the “red lanterns” street side-way. Once both gates are unlocked you shouldn’t be able to reach Tomb of Oedon via tombstone in Hunter’s Dream. This is because Eileen is there hunting a golden hunter at the Tomb. To help her out you need to spawn at Cathedral Yard and turn around from the spawn point. Go into the room there and take the ladder down into Central Yharnam. You will be in the area where you killed Father Gascoigne. Start of this event is timed so it will take a minute or so for Eileen to actually show up and start fighting the golden hunter. I usually go right and across the roof where Gascoigne’s dead wife is at. I sneak behind the hunter to do charged R2 attack + visceral to get his attention and as I run away Eileen shows up and starts fighting the hunter as well. Join her and try not to damage her. Together with Eileen it should be easy to defeat the hunter. There are, however, two outcomes to this fight:

1. Eileen died

If she dies (or you kill her on purpose) you will be able to loot her body and pick up Crow Hunter Badge. This key unlocks Blade of Mercy weapon that you can purchase for 40000 at Hunter’s Dream vendor. You also unlock Crowfeather Set armor at the same vendor consisting of the following items: Beak Mask for 10000, Crowfeather Garb for 18000, Crowfeather Manchettes and Trousers for 8000 each. If you kill the hunter as well you will be able to loot the Heir rune from him.

2. Eileen survived

If you manage to defeat the hunter and Eileen lives she will reward you with the Approval Gesture and you can loot the Heir rune from the defeated hunter. You will also be able to meet her one more time.Here’s a video showing what happens when you help Eileen survive the fight:

Great Cathedral location

You will next be able to meet her when you defeat the spider boss. You will not be able to teleport to Grand Cathedral lamp if everything went fine up to this point (you have to go there on foot from Cathedral Ward). She will be laying in blood outside Vicar Amelia’s boss room (Grand Cathedral). Talk to her until you exhaust all conversation options and go inside Vicar Amelia’s room. There is a tough hunter waiting for you there. This is a difficult fight, so be careful. The strategy I used was to bait him to go over to the steps at the entrance, where his shooting is less effective and you can time your long range hits just right. There is a cheese method as well. You can bait him a bit until he transforms his weapon into a two-hander. This will start draining his health (you will see numbers increasing next to his decreasing health bar). At this point you can run away all the way back to the entrance and he should stop following you, all the while his health will be dropping. Just wait it out until he dies. You can do it the proper way and video bellow shows how to do it with character around level 45.

After defeating him you will get a Blood Rapture rune. Go back outside to speak to Eileen and receive another reward. You will get Crow Hunter Badge (mentioned above, lets you buy Blade of Mercy and Crowfeather set at the vendor) and a very special Hunter rune – it is an Oath rune that grants faster Stamina recovery speed.
If you haven’t met her after the sewers, at the Tomb, she will be hostile and you will have to kill her. You’ll get her badge and equipment available for purchase at the vendor, but this prevents getting the live Eileen reward.

Video bellow shows what happens if you met Eileen at the sewers, but failed to meet her at the Tomb of Oedon (she fights you at the Grand Cathedral – video shows how you can defeat her with ~lvl 45 character):

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