Mortal Kombat X Beginner Guide

Mortal Kombat X is a one-on-one fighting game. Getting good at it means not only memorizing attack sequences and combos, but also embracing the principles on which it operates.
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Knowing the moves is the easy part – it’s adjusting to the way the game works that’s hard. In this guide, we’re going to give you some tips that should make you a better player.

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Movement Tips

Getting to know the movements speeds (forward and backward) and jump arcs of characters you’re going to use is essential. Aside from that, there are some standard maneuvers you should get familiar with:

  • Run – Running is a great way to traverse the stage. It depletes stamina, but can be canceled at any time – you can go from running to punching in an instant.
  • Dash – Used to close the distance between you and the opponent. Press Forward, Forward to dash. It uses up stamina and cannot be canceled – you have to wait for the animation to finish before doing anything else.
  • Back Dash – Similar to dash. Used to get out of a bad situation quickly. Press Back, Back to back dash. Like dash, it cannot be canceled and requires you to have stamina.

Combat Tips

  • Know the characters – You need to get acquainted with the characters you’ll be using. Learn what each button does, and get a feel for the speed, range and damage output of the attacks. You’ll also need at least basic knowledge of all the characters if you want to counter their tactics. Knowing your opponent is half the battle.
  • Practice the basic combos – Also known in the fighting community as “Bread And Butter” moves (BnBs). Combos deal a lot more damage than single attacks, and knowing which ones are best is key.
  • Block – Blocking minimizes the amount of damage you take from an attack, and gives you a better chance to find an opening.
  • X-Rays – Don’t forget your X-Ray attacks – they are your most powerful weapon. They require a full super meter to perform, so keep that in mind.
  • Unlock Secret Fatalities by performing the required button combination. Fatalities are finishers which button combinations are hidden in the move list.
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General Tips

  • Use Practice Mode – Practice mode is a great way to come to terms with a character’s movement, range, BnBs, etc. It won’t turn you into a killing machine, but it will let you learn the basics in your own pace. Don’t overuse it, though – after a certain point, you’ll start getting diminished returns.
  • Play Matches – Jump into playing real matches as soon as you can. Practice mode can only get you so far – playing against a moving, angry opponent is another story altogether.
  • Reflect – Take the time to analyze your behavior after every match. Try to figure out what you did wrong, and what you can improve upon.
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