Bloodborne Gestures and How to Unlock Some

Bloodborne features a multiplayer component and as part of Co-op play you will be able to communicate with your teammates via Gestures. These are Bloodborne’s version of emotes your character will perform on command.
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In this guide we’ll try and explain how to equip and use gestures as well as how to unlock some of them.

You can evoke the Gestures menu by pressing the left side of your controller’s touch pad . You can preview each of the currently equipped gestures there, as well as test them and slot different emotes. You can perform gestures by pressing the button and moving your controller in a certain way. Icons explaining each motion you have to perform are shown in the menu.

controller-motions-for-gesturesGosu tip: When you leave notifications for other people (with your notebook) you can attach gestures to your messages! All you have to do is press L1 when you compose your message and a ghost version of you, performing the emote, will show up for the person reading your note.

Here’s a video demonstrating some of the emotes:

Some are not available right away and you have to unlock them by visiting a certain NPC in a certain area, or performing some task. When you first create a character you’ll have a predetermined set available. These are:

Bloodborne Conviction gesture icon
Bloodborne Hunter's Rally gesture icon
Hunter’s Rally
Bloodborne Hunter's Salutation gesture icon
Hunter’s Salutation
Joy gesture icon
Point Forward gesture icon
Point Forward
Point Forward gesture icon
Sit Down
Point Forward gesture icon

Unlockable Bloodborne gestures

Some of them are not available right away and you will have to unlock them. You do some during conversations with NPCs. Here is a list of the ones we managed to unlock so far:

Shake Off Cape gesture icon
Shake Off Cape
You get this from Eileen the Crow. She is located in Central Yharnam in the Sewers area. At the entrance to sewers there is a large staircase with a lot of boxes and coffins at the top of it. Break the boxes to find the hidden entrance then do the same thing in the next room. You can find our guide about her here.
Pray gesture icon
From Cathedral Ward spawn go left, through a door and downstairs. When you reach first enemies kkep going stright and left down another flight of stairs. You’ll come up to a cathedral with a big tomb in the middle. Switch for moving the tomb is upstairs on the balcony inside the cathedral. From the switch go left until you reach outside area and NPC Alfred. If you choose to help him he rewards you this emote.

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