How To Get To The First Boss Cleric Beast In Bloodborne

Finding the first boss in Bloodborne is no easy task. The city of Yharnam is a maze – learning to navigate it correctly without help will take hours.
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If you think you’re ready to fight The Cleric Beast, read on to find out how to reach it. If you want to know how to defeat it, we also have a guide on How To Kill Cleric Beast.

How To Find The First Boss In Bloodborne

Either watch the video below, or scroll further down for a detailed screenshot guide.

After you’ve spawned in Central Yharnam, go right and down the stairs.

bloodborne first boss central yharnam
Follow the path until an enemy jumps out from behind a stack of crates.

Once you’re down there, go past the first carriage.

After you’ve climbed them, the bonfire in the street will be to your left.

Jump off the ledge, into the street.

Right in front of you, next to the stairs leading to the fountain, you’ll see a bunch of coffins.

Ignore the staircase – go right.

Climb to the top floor, and leave through the door.

Deal with the big enemy and the birds – we recommend using Molotov cocktails – and walk through the ornate gate. The Cleric Beast will jump from the top of the wall on the opposite side, and the fight will begin. Good luck, hunter!

bloodborne first boss 14

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