Bloodborne Stats and Origins guide

When you first start creating your character in Bloodborne you might wonder what is the difference between initial attributes for different origins you can pick for you character. Each stat buffs a different aspect of your character and we’re going to try and help you decide by explaining each stat and origin.
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Based on your playstyle you can then decide which stat you’re going to improve with items later on in the game.

bloodborne stats guide

Bloodborne stats

Vitality – Attribute governing HP
Endurance – Attribute governing Stamina and resistances (stamina is used when you attack and dodge). Affects Stamina, Slow Poison RES, Rapid poison RES, Frenzy RES.
Strength – Attribute governing heavy physical weapon ATK. Determines whether or not you can use certain equipment.
Skill – Attribute governing more nuanced physical weapon ATK. Determines whether or not you can use certain equipment.
Bloodtinge – Attribute governing power of weapons that use QS bullets. Determines whether or not you can use certain equipment.
Arcane – Attribute governing power of arcane ATK. Determines whether or not you can use certain equipment.

There is another stat available, that is not affected by your origin choice, called Discovery and it governs chances of enemies dropping items when defeated. The higher this attribute the more you’ll find. This has direct effect on your drops, like luck stat in Diablo games would.

People are saying that Arcane is required to use some of the best offensive PvP items in the game, but at the same time some are calling it useless like adaptation seemed to be in Dark Souls. For min/maxers out there we will be creating a more advanced guide in the future, but for now we can provide you with this (speculative) data about hard and sofcaps on Bloodborne stats:

Bloodborne stat softcap / hardcap


bloodborne origins guide

Bloodborne origins

Beside providing you with a back story for your hunter, origins in Bloodborne also provide different starting stats. For those of you looking to min/max your character or have a certain playstyle you want to pursue, those few points of difference in starting stats will be a big deal. Waste of Skin is the origin you want to pick if you want to play the game on hard mode, since all stats in this origin are reduced.

Here is a table of all the starting points for all origins:

OriginLevelBlood EchoesVitalityEnduranceStrengthSkillBloodtingeArcane
Ordinary, happy upbringing.
All attributes average.
Lone Survivor
Lone survivor of lost hamlet.
High life essence and vigor.
Troubled Childhood
Suffered misfortune in youth.
Highly resilient as a result.
Violent Past
Terribly violent past.
Rash, but stronger for it.
Born specialist, fit for sleuthing or academia.
Military Veteran
Experienced in war.
A soldier with strength and skill.
Noble Scion
Scion to a respectable line with faith in your pedigree.
Cruel Fate
Faced terrible hardships,
but now confident in your purpose.
Waste of Skin
You are nothing. Talentless. You shouldn’t have been born.

Source of stat softcap/hardcaps and Arcane stat speculation: this reddit thread.

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