How to summon friends, play Co-op and get bells in Bloodborne

Before you can start summoning players and playing Co-op in Bloodborne, you will have to find the first Boss, get Beckoning Bell, collect enough Insight and your teammate must have Resonating bell. I’ll try to explain everything a little bit more.
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How to play Co-Op in Bloodborn

If you want to play Bloodborne with your friends or just need some help from a random player, you’ll have to obtain Beckoning Bell item and some Insight first. After using the Beckoning Bell, you’ll activate co-op and players in the same area as you, can join you. They can be summoned into your world only if they have Resonating bells. To play with someone specific, you have to set password in the “Password Matching” field (Options -> Network), and your teammate has to enter the same password. Upon defeating the boss, your teammate will be rewarded with +1 Insight and a half amount of Blood Echoes. You can end co-op by using Silencing Blank item, which you get after fighting a boss for the first time.

How to farm Insight?

The Insight stat represents the depth of inhuman knowledge, and it’s used whenever you activate the coop bells. There are several different ways to collect Insight:

  • Whenever you see a boss for the first time you’ll gain +1 Insight
  • You get +3 Insight for killing the boss
  • You get +1 as summoned player for helping others to defeat a boss in coop
  • You get +1 after using a a Madman’s Knowledge Skull item. (Rats can drop this item)
  • How to get Beckoning Bell

    bloodborne beckoning bell
    Beckoning Bell
    Beckoning bell can be used as a special signal to call hunters from other worlds to cooperate. You get the Beckoning bell after fighting a boss, whether or not you die. In order to get the item you need to go back to the Hunter’s Dream, and talk to the doll. You need one Insight to ring the bell.

    Where to find the first boss?

    Since you can get Insight and Beckoning bells only after encountering a boss, we’ll help you finding one. It’s not an easy task to find a boss, since the city of Yharnam is a true maze. The first one that we came across was The Cleric Beast, and you can take a look at our detailed guide where to find Cleric Beast boss.

    Where to find Resonating bell

    If you want to join someone (take part in co-op) you need Resonating bell. The bell will start to resonate as soon as a host is found, and you’ll be transferred to his world.
    In order to get this item you have to collect 10 Insight first. After that look for a messengers in the fountain outside of the house in the hunters dream. You can buy bell from the messenger, but keep in mind that he appears only when you have 10 Insight. The item has unlimited use.

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