Bloodborne Story Trailer Released

Sony and From Software have released a new trailer for Bloodborne, the spiritual successor to the Souls series, which is supposed to answer some of the questions you might have regarding its story. Spoiler: it doesn’t.
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It only shrouds things in even more mystery. Thanks for that, guys.

A lady welcomes you home. But you’re an outsider, so it’s definitely not your actual home. Then you get some Yharnam blood in you, because that is what outsiders do when they come to Yharnam, it seems. Everything that happens from that point on may or may not be a dream. Not a particularly pleasant one, if so. Take a look for yourself, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Look, the city was “overrun by the plague of beasts” in times of old. Now it has beasts, and everyone’s calling you “a hunter”. I think that paints a pretty clear picture. Maul beasts now, ask questions later. It’s better that way. You’ll also be beating the crap out of some peasants from time to time, because that is what peasants are for.

What we do actually know is that Bloodborne is going to be a devilishly hard game, quick on the trigger and heavy on the punishments. You will die a lot. Hair will be pulled, joypads will be thrown.

If that sounds like fun, you’ll be happy to know that Bloodborne is out March 24th, exclusively on Playstation 4.

Source: Sony

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