The Order 1886 Chapter 15 Collectibles And Walkthrough

In this guide we’ll cover chapter 15 of The Order: 1886 – To Save A Life. You’ll get to see the locations of all the collectible items and learn how to deal with the enemies you’ll encounter.
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The following events take place on the third day of December 1886.

Get To Tesla’s Lab

In the corner of the first room there is a closet. On top of it, you’ll find newspapers you can inspect, with the headline Lost Soul Meets His Maker. Keep walking until you find a set of two steel doors, opposite one another. Go through the left one. Immediately turn to the left, and you’ll find a London Tunnel Map.

After you go through the trapdoor, you’ll end up in a gunfight. Stay in cover and you should be fine. Leave the room through the passage on the left, and keep going left until you happen upon The Anarchist 29.11.86 phonograph cylinder.

When you come into the corridor with the weapons, be sure to pick up the Arc Induction Lance. You’ll be ambushed in the next room, and shooting blindly from behind cover is a great tactic with this weapon. Once you’ve dispatched your assailants, pick up the Thermite Rifle one of them was carrying.

In the next ambush, just use lots of thermite and everything will turn out nicely. Follow the path until you reach a boarded up passage. To the right from it is a crate with Crate Delivery photo on it. Once you take a look at it, break through the boards and go into the lab.

Here’s a video walkthrough with locations of all collectibles:

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