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Follow your Heart is an optional mission you get from Springs after you complete the Land among the stars mission. Motivational posters you just created and printed out need to be delivered to the buyer (who, incidentally, you have to kill as part of the main story mission Marooned).
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First pick up the posters next to the printer and then go to Springs and take the clipboard from her. You are supposed to find someone who will sign that the posters have been delivered. You will have to reach another zone to find that person. Go all the way east and to the south to reach the transit from Serenity’s Waste to Regolith Range. Once in Regolith Range fight some mobs while moving towards the mission objective (which is to the south and west of where you enter Regolith). Delivery Confirmationist guy is up on top of the metal structure there.Once you reach him and deal with him pick up the posters and go around the area to hang them up on the walls. There are five spots to hang the posters on. Three of them are up on the structures so you have to jump or double jump to reach them.Once all the posters are up (they are all different depending on the character you play) go back to Springs to get your reward (You should also try and complete other side missions in the area as well as Main story mission Marooned).


XP: 160
Money: 28$
Gear: Two-Time Handgun or Angry Rocketeer
Angry Rocketeer

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