Marooned - Borderlands: TPS Story Mission guide

Marooned is the third main story mission in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and it follows “Lost Legion Invasion“. Mission takes us into a new region where we have to kill Deadlift.
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You also unlock vehicles in the game by doing this mission.


  • Kill Deadlift
  • Use Jump Pad
  • Throw breaker
  • Act as fuse
  • Use The Jump Pad
  • Pick up digistruct key
  • Go To The Moon Zoomy Station
  • Install The Key And Activate The Moon Zoomy
  • Deploy and get in a vehicle
  • Pick Up The Orbatron


Janey Springs wants a favor in return for saving your ass with an Oz kit. She wants you to kill Deadlift and get a digistruct key for her. In turn, she will make it possible for you to reach a new zone of the game. You need to get to Regolith Range zone by going all the way east of Springs’ garage and then south. Once you enter the new zone keep moving south and you should get a dialogue from Deadlift saying that the jump pad is disabled. Keep going south while fighting his goons to reach the breaker you need to activate. Next you will have to act as a fuse by standing inside the sparking area. This re-enables the jump pad which you can now use to get to Deadlift.


Fight takes place in an arena filled with jump pads that quickly transport both Deadlift and you to different floors of the arena. If you are wondering how to kill Deadlift here are some tips. He uses jump pads a lot to move around the courtyard. You want to stay at a distance because he uses his shock weapon with great efficiency at close-mid range. I would recommend you use the same jump pads to place yourself across Deadlift and snipe him. He sometimes activates shock generators that make the floor of the whole area deadly. Be sure you know which floors are electrified as you scramble for good shooting position. Deadlift’s vulnerable spots are Head and Backpack so try aiming for those. Some scavs also spawn in the arena and you can use them for second breath. Deadlift is resistant to Cryo damage. Use a shield draining weapon to get his shield down asap and then keep sniping his head/backpack for an easy kill. I got Alternating Vandergraffen shock weapon once I killed him.After you are done with Deadlift climb to where he entered the arena and go in the back to find the digistruct key hidden inside a toilet there. You wikl exit Deadlift’s structure on the other side and you should now go to Moon Zoomey station. Keep going south of there. There is a side quest to be picked up on the way if you are so inclined. Follow the path through a set of structures all the way west and then north. There will be a vehicle station there, where you can use the key and will now be able to spawn and use moon buggies. Get into the Moon Zoomey and go through the gate that just opened. There will be a lava pit you need to jump across so use your vehicle’s boost feature (press F on keyboard for the PC). Return to Springs to p[ick up the Orbatron and finish this mission.


XP: 160
Money: 28$
Gear: Grim TMP

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