Evil Within Chapter 5 - Inner Recesses walkthrough

Chapter 5 – Inner Recesses takes place in the Hospital once again. This is a very long chapter and it is probably among the longest in the game.
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At this point the bloody atmosphere really starts to get under your skin. What makes this chapter long are small events, large number of small cutscenes and fighting versus large number of enemies.The Evil Within Chapter 5 Inner Recesses

Enter the Hospital

On ground under the hand written message on the wall “He’s Watching We Can’t Leave” is the Map Fragment 8.

Go through the green blood “Lore” door. Once inside the next room you can grab weapon/ammunition from a metal rectangle case. Next to this case is the Personal Document: “Journal of Sebastian Castellanos – March 2005”. Use the mirror above the ruined sink to enter the Hospital’s main Hub. “Investigation Stalls” Newspapers can be collected at this point. If you haven’t visited this area in the previous mission the Nurse takes you to the new area. This part of the hospital gives you opportunity to spend collected keys. Opening boxes can give you all sorts of weapons and ammunition, green gel and more. Krimson City map fragments progress can be tracked here as you can see missing/collected map fragments (27 in total). Be sure to spend your Green Gel points as there are lot of situations further ahead where combat becomes a big part of the game. Use one of the mirrors inside the Hospital’s main hub to leave this area.

Find a Keycard

Once you are inside the chapter 5 hospital there is only one path you can really follow. Path takes you to the room with a large hole on ground. Once you drop down to another room, pay attention to the rat. This rat carries a statue with a key inside it. Hit it to collect the key.Across this room there are locked doors. In order to get through we need a keycard. Make a few steps back and go through the door that takes us to the part of the hospital with many beds. Going deeper inside the hospital we come across another door with a lamp above them. This is the entrance to the staff room. Inside it, on the ground, next to a dead body, you can find the Hospital Keycard. Get back and open the closed door.

Find a way out

Following the main path we come across a room with small square, blueish, wall tiles. Once you enter the room, door that you just went through disappears. Look around the room until small holes on the wall show up. Looking through them will spawn the door right next to them. Once you enter the new room you can notice the body bags on the central table. On the side of these tables there are two switches. Pressing the wrong switches results in your death. Three holes, three rooms, six buttons.
Inside the room with yellowish walls (large human drawing on the wall, bookcase, bird cages…) use the left button. Inside the room with grey walls (contains document “Underground facility note”, couple of wooden boxes…) use the left button. Third room usually reveals itself the last. It has similar walls as the central room. There are couple of drawings of Human Anatomy on the walls. Press the right button. Get back to the central room and get close to the wall with bloody hands on it. This will open the final door eventually.

Leave the area with Joseph

Short cutscene starts once you pass through the bloody hands door. This is the part of the mission where you meet up with Joseph. His health icon appears on the screen. Since he is rather low on health you have to heal him up by pressing assigned buttons while standing close to him. Once he is healed up you try to find your way out. Joseph has endless amount of ammo, use this fact when you come across large groups of creatures.Further down the path you get to the basement where an additional cutscene starts. Next to this place with many bathtubs there is a small room with a ladder. Use them. As you reach the next floor there are two doors. Before you go through the white double doors be sure to pick up a Map Fragment – “Map Fragment 9” and check out the blood covered door – “Lore” door close by. Map fragment is on ground next to Joseph close to the white double doors. “Lore” door takes you to the mirror you can use to return to the Hospital’s central hub. Take the short break to grab newspapers like “Patients Claim Abuse” and perhaps spend some Green Gel points.

Release / Save Kidman

Inside the next room you find Kidman inside a glass prison that gets filled slowly with a strange fluid. Event that starts shortly after has two major parts. During the first part you should kill all the creatures coming in waves. Some of these creatures are regular monsters with no weapons, while others carry dynamite, guns, axes and so on. The easiest way to handle them is to run in a circle around the cage and let Joseph kill them. This only works when there are no more than two creatures alive. Be sure to heal up Joseph if he is low on hp. Going around the room you can find a large number of ammunition, green gel canisters and more. Once there are no more enemies coming interact with Joseph to start the second part of the event.Second part of the event requires you to actually release Kidman. In order to do so follow the pipe that delivers the fluid into the cage. This pipe takes you into the hallway with jail cells. At the end of the hallway, to your right, is where you should go. Inside this cell there is a hole in the wall. Go through it. Following this new path you end up in a room with the Control Panel. Use this control panel and rotate its dials to mark number 22 on the top dial and number 5 on the bottom dial.Note: Next to the jail cell that takes you to the control panel there is another jail cell that has a statue inside. This statue gives a key when destroyed. To move past the chains that prevent you from entering the jail cell you should just shoot the lock on the chain.

Follow Kidman and Joseph

Jump inside the hole around the glass prison and follow the new path toward Kidman and Joseph. After you kill all the creatures near the large metal doors this part ends with a short cutscene.

Find a Way Out, Again

Next part starts once you are sucked into another part of the hospital. Once you go through the first door and enter a small hallway, go through the doors to your left (from where the music is coming from). Inside this room you can find Personal Document: “Wedding Invitation” on a bed, “Map Fragment 10” close to the bed and a mirror that takes you to Hospital’s Main Hub. You can now collect newspaper: “Parishioner Found” and missing person poster: “Fernando” before you leave.We are back in the hallway now. Another room nearby has ladders that take you to the lower level and eventually to a room with a chest inside. Grab the contents of the chest and head back to the hallway.Once you go through the white door you come up to a sharp turning right corner. Remember this spot. Going further in we enter a room to the left. This room has one locker in the corner and fresh blood on the floor and walls. Get close to the blood. This action summons a six legged hairy creature. Sharp turn corner we passed a minute ago has flammable parts on the ground. Run pass them and burn the creature. This makes the creature run in the opposite direction, braking the metal door and revealing a new path.Note: Locker inside the previous room hides a stone statue. For whatever reason it is attached to a bird’s back and you have to shoot it down in order to collect it.

Defeat 6 Legged Hairy Creature

The next area is filled with platforms. Once you step on the central part the six legged hairy creature spawns. In order to defeat the creature run towards a side room, which you can only enter by crouching. This room has flames under its metal floor. Once you are inside this room use the ladders to climb up. Once you reach the new floor there is a switch on the wall. Use it! Switch should remove the metal platform in the room bellow making the creature fall into the flames bellow.

Complete the chapter

Once the creature is defeated we can go through the double door at the end of the platform. This door take us to the final room of this chapter. To complete the chapter you have to do one more task – defeat enemies that come out of the bathtubs. Once you shoot them enough so they lay on the ground you should get close and perform ‘set on fire’ attack.The Evil Within Complete the Chapter