The Evil Within - Remnants - Chapter 2 Guide

In the Chapter 2 – Remnants you’ll find out more about how to spend Green Gel points, get a Pistol, lamp, map fragments, items like Syringes to heal yourself, matches to burn bodies, trap parts for crafting Agony Crossbow bolts… You’ll also learn how to use inventory and items, how to perform sneak kills, sprint and much more.The Evil Within Chapter 2 Remnants At the start you are locked in a hospital room.
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On the table across from the bed is the collectible item Newspaper “Bodies Found” and a Green Gel bottle that gives you +100 points. After collecting these items, approach the door and look out the door window. Turn camera left and right, and after that a nurse will show up and unlock the door. Follow her into a large central room where you can save the game. In the next room, behind the chair look for the first map fragment collectible: “Fragment 1”.
Once you sit on the chair you’ll have to spend 100 points in order to start the mission. From this chair you can access the upgrade skill menu. You can return to this room (hospital’s central hub) whenever you find a mirror in the game, but there are just a few of them.

Where to go now?

When you find a crashed ambulance car, scavenge around for Syringe, then follow the blood trail that leads deep inside the forest. The trail takes you to the animal corps. Look around and you will notice a light in the distance. Go towards it, and you’ll find out its a lamp.When you pick up the lamp proceed towards a small camp, and look for a tent. When you come near the tent your character Detective Castellanos will pick up a weapon – Handgun. You will automatically equip the weapon and you can aim/shoot the person in the tent.

I have picked up the gun, what to do next?

Next to the tent you’ll see a flame lamp hanging on a wooden beam, and a small cave entrance in its close vicinity. Use your lamp and illuminate the area in front of you. Don’t forget to disarm the trap and collect Trap Parts, because they will be extremely useful later.Once you leave the cave you’ll come across a body next to a pile of burned logs. Pick up the matches, because they are your best weapon in the game. There is no defense against the fire! For example, if you shoot down an enemy, he can resurrect, but you can prevent this with matches, and additionally if you set on fire one enemy all enemies in his close vicinity will start burning as well.

Go back to the hospital and collect collectibles

Proceed further and you’ll come across a small shack with a lamppost and a door with marks of blood. If you go inside you can find a Personal Document: “Journal of Sabestian Castellanos – November 2004” and a mirror. You can use this mirror to reach the hospital’s main hub from the start of this mission. Once inside you can save the game, grab collectibles like Newspapers: “Serial Killer at Large”, Missing Person Posters: “Leslie Withers”. Use another mirror and return to the shack.

Follow Leslie Withers and find the first Key

If you continue downhill towards Leslie you’ll find another shack. Now you’ll learn more about Sneak Kills. Sneak Kills are the most effective take downs as the target dies instantly. Perform it on the enemy and go inside the shack. You can leave this shack through a window. The path will lead you to the metal gate and a campfire, and a stone wall between them, where you can find a small white sculpture. Brake the sculpture down and collect a key that will unlock a small box inside the hospital’s main hub.When you go through the metal gate you’ll come across a wreckage house and a couple of humans. Shortly after, they turn into creatures. In this area, next to the giant bone fire, there is a document: “Lakeside Town Note”. After defeating them all you will find out that much more enemies are situated in the larger house settlement. While scavenging houses in this area you will find matches, syringes, trap parts, “Fragment 2” and an additional Key. Key and map fragment are hidden inside the houses to your left.Leave the larger settlement behind you, and head towards the wooden gate. Use the nearby winch to open the gate. This action will revive all dead enemies around the gate.
The Evil Within Chapter 2 Remnants
Use the winch to raise up the wooden gate.

How to avoid a large number of enemies?

From the wooden doors turn left, and follow the edge of the forest, until you reach a shack. Once inside, take the “Fragment 3” from the chair.

If you continue further you’ll run into a huge number of enemies, while they are in the middle of their “dinner”. Due to a large number of enemies, you can’t really fight your way through them, thus you have to use a nearby stone bridge. You will come across only one enemy on the bridge, but even a sneak kill will alert others. Run across the bridge, and the cut scene will start when you reach other side.



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    You guys left out document #3 Lakeside Town Note in between Key #1 and Fragment 2. It is by the campfire on a wooden plank after entering the gate following the first key retrieval in Chapter 2.

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    Key#2 and map piece are to the right not left

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    There is another gel worth 300 in the toilet of his cell/room at the very start when he wakes up.

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