Division 2 Manhunt Progress Reset or Not Tracking Bug

Season 1 of Warlords of New York is underway in The Division 2. It features a new seasonal manhunt, the first target of which is Neptune. You have to grind a bunch of activities, including missions and control points, before you figure out where to find Neptune. A number of players have been complaining about a bug which wipes their progress. If you were affected by this issue, this guide will explain why the Division 2 manhunt progress reset or not tracking bug happens and how to avoid it.

division 2 manhunt progres not tracking bug
Division 2 Manhunt Progress Reset or Not Tracking Bug

Seasonal manhunt progress reset

After some investigation, we discovered this isn’t a bug at all. It happens when you change global difficulty or directives – the game warns you you’ll lose progress when you try, and if you accept despite the warning, you’ll end up losing progress. So the fix is pretty easy – don’t mess with global difficulty and don’t change directives until you’ve completed the manhunt.

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Most players don’t touch the difficulty settings that often, as they’ve already found the difficulty that suits them most. However, the directives are a new feature and lots of people are trying them out for the first time, unaware of the ways they affect the game. Their main effect is giving you additional XP in exchange for making you play with a certain modifier, like no armor regeneration, no minimap and directional threat indicators and more.

If you look at the bottom right of the difficulty settings screen, you’ll see the warning yourself. It says when you change any of these settings, all players and content will respawn, all uncollected loot will be lost, and any targets in progress will be reset.

So just avoid changing any of these until you’ve completed Neptune’s portion of the manhunt, and you won’t lose anything.

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  1. A

    I killed Netptune, changed difficulty and lost all my progress .. so either it’s a bug, or you are wrong.

    1. O
      Okkie Strydom

      I also killed Neptune, but now everything was reset and I have to redo it , but if I go to manhunt it shows “replay” on Neptune as if I am redoing it so does that mean I still have to finish it because it shows 0% on Jupiter now .

      1. A

        same for me – completed eveything on normal. have been messing around with global hard for control points ect and then i noted all my progress including the first boss has been wiped

    2. B

      I had the same thing happen to me twice.

  2. S

    How about the issue where everyone in the team doesn’t get credit for the completions. In my group only the group leader got credit for clearing the control points or the bounty. When we switched leader it was the same thing. Is this intentional or another bug?

  3. J
    justin james heyd

    yeah just dont touch global difficulty till you complete neptune then the other 4 aents leading up to jupiter thats viable, considering the next agent coming out is in 3 weeks after the first one was releasd others probably similar so just dont touch your global dificulty settings for 3 months or you wont be able to do jupiter cause youll lose the intel on her and wont be able to kill anyone else leading up to her because each of the others are only available for a short amount of time

  4. R

    I killed Neptune, didn’t change any difficulties or settings and my progress was reset

  5. T

    The issue is that even if I set the directive as I want it, it resets to basic setting every time I relog (by basic setting I mean no directives active). So, if I want to play with a directive (and i want) I have to activate it every time I log in. And my progress gets wiped in the process and it’s gone. I hope this is a bug and not a intended feature.

  6. D

    Or the bounty not showing up and even doing all bounties in area not counting towards it

  7. J

    I completed Neptune then went to south west then got dc 4 time in a row then it said down for maintenance got back on and now got to redo everything

  8. K

    Weather Ubi calls this a feature or not, it needs to be removed. It is inexcusable to punish players for having an off day, or just wanting a little more challenging control point, or toned down for a tough boss. Wiping progress in no way behooves Ubi, it only pisses off players, and creates bad press. This will cause players to leave the game, and weather or not Ubi has their money already, it will cost them in the long run.

  9. A

    My question is after Neptune portion ends can I still kill her or is the manhunt just locked since I cant kill Jupiter

  10. M

    what is the deal with so many of the control points sitting in allied hands indefinitely? I took out Venus and now I have nothing to do as I wait more than a week for even one of these remaining control points to ever get attacked.
    I even tried skirmishing with nearby enemies to try to lead them to the control point but they never travel that far and cant fight their way past a roving patrol anyway.
    login, no change, logout, repeat for a week.
    unplayable, boring, go look for a new game to play

    1. C

      Open Map – Open Global Settings – Reset Control Points

  11. T
    Ted Wedell

    I reset the control points as I was having issues during Manhunt. Now they are reset and I did not lose progress, however the enemies (red) are immune to damage unless you kill the leader (marked with a yellow shield above his character). At that time they are susceptible to damage unless another yellow shield appears. What is this? I did not change difficulty or directives, just reset the control points. Anyone else have this issue, as it is much more difficult?

  12. B
    Bob Arup

    i spent more timing trying to find out what to do about my missing control point in the manhunt circe in the financial district then to play the game

  13. N
    Nicolas Auger

    So you’re saying in order to get my progress back I have to do an event that I have no intention of doing? God dangit

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