Warzone Rose 3.0 Skin, How to Unlock

Want to know how to unlock the new Rose 3.0 skin in Warzone? The original Rose skin in Warzone has been one of the most controversial pieces of cosmetic in the popular battle royale game due to its pitch-black colour. For months it was perceived as a pay-to-win skin due to its hard-to-spot appearance and despite the community’s resentment, developers Raven Software waited for months to fix it. And now, with the new Rose skin in Warzone, hopefully, history will not repeat. Here’s how to get the Warzone Rose 3.0 skin & the Warzone Violet Stealth Pro Pack.

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Warzone Rose 3.0 Skin, How to Unlock
Violet Stealth Pro Pack Warzone

How to Unlock Rose 3.0 Skin in Warzone

The Rose 3.0 skin is a part of the Violet Stealth Pro Pack bundle. The bundle has been released on June 30th, 2022, and will be available for a limited time. The bundle will cost you 2400 COD Points, which is equal to around $20. This is the only way to obtain the Rose 3.0 skin, you can not earn it via any in-game activities, which means you’ll need to spend some real-life money.The Violet Stealth Pro Pack bundle is available in the in-game shop. To purchase it, do is follows:

  • Head to the Store tab from the main menu.
  • Open the Franchise Store option.
  • Select the Tracer Pack: Violet Stealth Pro Pack.
  • If you have enough COD Points, click on the “Purchase” button

Wait for the purchase to process, and that’s it, the bundle is now yours! All the items from the bundle should now appear in your inventory, including the Rose 3.0 Warzone skin. Of course, that’s not the only cosmetic you’ll receive in this bundle. By purchasing the Violet Stealth Pro Pack bundle, you’ll unlock the following items:

  • Night Terror – Operator Skin for Florence
  • Dark Ambient – Legendary MP-40 Blueprint
  • Violet Violence – Legendary Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle Blueprint
  • 2400 COD Points
  • Midnight Malice Calling Card
  • Neon Artistry Sticker
  • Funeral Director Watch
  • Hooded Hell Emblem
  • Inscribed Weapon Reticle.
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