When is Rebirth Coming Back in Warzone Season 5

Is Rebirth Island gone in Warzone Season 5? If you are asking why is Rebirth Island removed, we have all the answers for you! The final Warzone season before the release of Warzone 2 introduces a new map rotation system on a weekly and daily basis. The fan-favourite Rebirth Island map will, thus, not always be available. Instead, you will be able to play it when the map is a part of the current Warzone playlist based on this new map rotation system. In our guide, we explain how this new Warzone Season 5 map rotation works, and when you will be able to play Rebirth Island.

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When is Rebirth Coming Back in Warzone Season 5?
Is Rebirth Island going away from Warzone?

When is Rebirth Island Coming Back in Warzone Season 5

Will Rebirth Island come back to Warzone? Over the last seven days of Warzone Season 4 developers, Raven Software has been experimenting with a new rotation system. The idea behind the system is to have all current maps and modes represented in some capacity in the game. In that way, at least in theory, everyone should have an opportunity to play their favourite map and mode in this final season before we say goodbye to Warzone 1. However, the new system has many players confused, and thus, a number of players are not sure when is Rebirth Island coming back.

Rebirth Island is probably the second favourite Warzone map after the original Verdansk. Consequently, a large part of the player base would love to play it as much as possible this final season. Raven Software confirmed that the first day of Rebirth Island coming back is August 26th, 2022. Read on to learn how exactly this map rotation works.

Warzone Season 5 Map Rotation Explained

warzone season 5 daily weekly map rotation playlist
Warzone Season 5 daily/weekly Map Rotation Playlist.

What Raven calls “Week Day Game Mode Rotation” essentially works in a way that has a “core” part of the playlist and a rotation part where maps and modes drop in and out daily. On weekdays (on Mondays through Thursdays), maps and modes rotate at random from a pool of selected modes. On the other hand, weekends are reserved for limited-time modes and usual rotations. When it comes to weekdays, one of the following modes will be rotated in/out on a daily basis:

  • Caldera Resurgence Quads
  • Caldera Iron Trials Quads
  • Rebirth Resurgence Quads
  • Rebirth Iron Trials Quads

The following game modes will always be available on Mondays through Thursdays, alongside the randomly rotated mode from the list above:

  • Battle Royale (Solos, Duos, Trios, Quads)
  • Fortune’s Keep Resurgence (Solos, Duos, Trios, Quads)
  • Plunder (Quads)
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  1. J
    jhonathan southammavong

    Uhhhh I won’t be playing warzone let alone this call of duty again if rebirth is in a “rotation” that game mode is culture.

  2. J

    Activision. You SUCK

  3. 🤣🤣🤣

    Is rebirth out?

  4. J

    Rebirth island is the best map and they dont even let us enjoy it. Caldera sucks aswell as fortune’s keep. They removed the best map in the game and now it sucks

  5. C

    No rebirth, no verdansk: no warzone

  6. J
    Jacob Blazick

    Dude rebirth is so good don’t make a rotation fortune keeps isn’t even good

  7. D

    Well looks like I won’t be playing war zone anymore least not til the new one comes out in October cus the maps that are on there now are garbage how you take the best map that literally the entire world plays and lives off the damn game and leave most worst maps on the game yea that makes zero sense literally smh activison y’all really do suck at making games and keeping the people that keep the game going

  8. G
    Gage black

    Bruh everyone plays rebirths now y’all got it in a rotation bro and especially just take out fortune keep and keep rebirth in solo,duo,trios, and quads like I spent so much on this game and y’all making the best mode rebirth a rotation like and is it sending anyone else to the loading screen all the time

  9. B
    Blair Edwards

    I just don’t understand y’all’s thinking. You know rebirth is everyone’s favorite. I believe your doing on purpose. makes zero since.

  10. R

    Bring rebirth back, its the only reason I play call of duty

  11. R

    You guy have literally made so many people mad. You kept plunder over rebirth! This is crap. Three game modes on caldera? Seriously

  12. S

    No rebirth = No war zone nice job activation 👎👎

  13. A
    Autovision - Fadi Berjaoui

    Bring rebirth back, its the only reason I play call of duty

  14. M

    Bring rebirth back, its the only reason I play call of duty

  15. P

    Rebirth is the only reason I play. Pls keep it permanently

  16. F
    Fortune's keep mksucketh

    All your other maps are trash. Keep rebirth or give me Verdansk

  17. J

    You have figured out a way to rotate things in and out now do the same with verdansk for the final season

  18. J

    You guys really need to bring Rebirth re-insurgence back all these other games are stupid. You need to bring it back.

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