COD Warzone Two-Factor Authentication Bug Solution

The COD Warzone two-factor authentication bug has been causing some trouble among players. It seems that you can run into a problem where it simply doesn’t let you register the two-step authentication, even though you’ve completed all the steps correctly. Fortunately, the potential fix is relatively simple. We’ll show you what you can do to fix the COD Warzone two-factor authentication bug yourself.

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cod warzone two-factor authentication bug solution
COD Warzone Two-Factor Authentication Bug Solution

How to Fix COD Warzone 2 Factor Authentication

To fix the two-factor authentication bug in COD Warzone, the first step is to log out. Then, reset your password from the login menu. As in, click on the “Forgot Password” option and make a new one. Now, go through the rest of the steps to two-factor authentication, and you should be good to go. If not, well, you might have to contact support, which yes, nobody wants to do. However, the system we’ve just described is the only relatively surefire method we know of. If you know of another one, let us know in the comments below.

Just in case you don’t know how to enable two-step authentication in COD Warzone in the first place, let’s get you up to speed. First off, log into your Call of Duty account via the official website. Next, click on “Set up Two-Factor Authentication.” From there, they’ll give you a detailed list of instructions you’ll need to follow. Basically, to enable COD Warzone two-factor authentication, you’ll need to download an authenticator app, like Google Authenticator, add your Activision account to the app, scan the QR code, and complete the process.

It might seem a little daunting, but it really isn’t. Both the COD website and the authenticator app you choose to use will give you fairly clear instructions, and you just need to follow them. Just hope that you don’t run into this bug where it doesn’t let you register the two-factor authentication.

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  1. T

    Doesn’t work. This for PC? I’m on PC and have troubleshot everything possible and nothing. Doesn’t have any good outlets either for who to reach out to for support either regarding this.

    1. M

      Same here brother please if you find any solution inform me @lemahmood twitter.

      1. J

        Figured it out!!! After two days and resetting all passwords….. Instead of doing this through the cod website for to Activision site and do it directly from there. Follow all these same steps but on Activision rather than cod page

        1. M

          I did a password reset and it sent me confirmation but when you go into my profile it shows it like it didn’t change at all. So the 2 step is not registering the password change

    2. M

      Same here, its so frustrating.

    3. I
      Itachi Uchiha

      I have a PC too and have an account with battlenet and Im having the same troubles as well. I cant even play because of this two step verification. Ive reset my password about 10 times now and when i input the information i double check that it is correct and it still says “wrong password and code”. I literally typed in the exact same passwrod for my battle net into the two step verification and it still doesnt work. Hoping to get a response from support or someone that could help me with this problem.

    4. T

      ^ to both of you above, currently trying to see if uninstalling it from battlenet then reinstalling will do anything. Aside from that, I reached out to battlenet and they said it’s definitely an activision issue so I reached out to them as well. Literally tried doing everything I could think of and had no luck ?. At least it’s not just happening to one person. Will keep updated.

      1. J
        Jacob Clevenger

        Having the same problem. Mine won’t verify my email. It suppose to send email an never received it

        1. J

          Any luck? I’m having same issue

        2. A

          same and i dont know how to get it

          1. W

            any updates for this one? i got same issues. try to reach the contact support, but never got respond! no wonder they cant fix cheating/hacking problem

      2. A

        I can’t get on to activision!! There isn’t any where I can contact can someone help

    5. S

      Figured it out: follow the steps for changing password, and don’t try to verify the change in any way. Just log in with the new password then go directly to the 2FA steps. Then, delete Activision from google authenticator then add it back with the QR code –> put in the code and the new password and it works for me.

  2. H
    Huddy Brewer

    Pc here too still broken trying to trouble shoot and fix it keep u updated boys

  3. J

    Figured it out!!! After two days and resetting all passwords….. Instead of doing this through the cod website for to Activision site and do it directly from there. Follow all these same steps but on Activision rather than cod page

    1. E

      If you went through the whole process multiple times, you might want to uninstall the Activision from the Authenticator app and scan the QR again. Got me 4 hours to figure it out :/

      1. P

        Where do you find the QR Code. have reset PW multiple times and cant seem to register activision in authenticator app. use codes for authenticator and it sends me back to sig in page

        1. D

          Im having the exact same issues. I typed in the code and then it asks me to log in again…

    2. T

      I’m going to try that. The problem I’m having is I’ve successfully set up 2FA thru acitivision but Everytime I launch WZ via battlenet, it loads then hits me with a “account login error, 2FA must be enabled to play WZ” after I’ve already set it up

    3. S

      This helped! And also reinstalling google authenticator after resetting password. Worked out first try. Cheers.

  4. L
    Lee Pow

    Imagine being such a huge business and not being able to get basic IT like Two Factor Authentication and email verification right. I’ve never seen a more shoddy website than both and Coupled with the absolute worst customer support in modern times.

    1. K
      Khai Nguyen

      Same here. I can’t login to due stuck on the 2step auth. I just reset my Phone then lost the Google Auth, tried to find the backup code but there is no email regarding that in the mail box. Follow stupid recover account process in support page cause stuck at linking the account. Now im in the dead lock. Succ support, suck 2 step auth flow due no way to even to login to my profile

      1. N
        Nicole M

        How long did it take them to fix your account? My issue is also that I dont have access to the authenticator because it was on an old device. I’ve been hesitant to follow the support steps with creating a new account and possibly losing all warzone progress.

    2. L
      Levi Kneass

      Class action lawsuit, all of the money we as customers have spent and we’re just burnt for all our stuff this isn’t looking good!

  5. S

    I also am having trouble. I have a different email on my Activision than on my PSN. I try to do the authentication, and it doesn’t send my Activision email the email. I can’t change the email because you need to receive a code the same way you would for the authenticator. I can’t unlink the accounts because this is where all of my stuff is stored. My PSN email got an email saying that the authenticator was successful. But when I try to load it up from, it says I need to enable the authenticator. I’m currently uninstalling the game, and reinstalling it (maybe it’ll do something). I tried what Jerm said to do, and do it from Activision, but I’m still not receiving the email. If anyone gets any other knowledge, let me know!

    1. R

      Im having the same exact issue as u have u found out how to fix it?

  6. N
    nathan lee

    myne works but when i go to play it starts then gines me a yes no question then i klick yes then i keeps going then a few seconds later it kicks me for an erra and i have pressed no but the same thing happens

  7. D

    Yes activision needs to get rid of the 2 authority crap it sucks and needs to be removed

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