Pokemon Go Duskull October Community Day

This October Community Day for Pokemon Go will feature a chance to catch Duskull, the requiem Pokemon. This spooky character will be available more frequently in the wild. The chance will also be available to catch a shiny version. A very rare Pokemon, it can evolve during or after the event to gain special attacks. Read on as we give you the details on this October Community Day for Pokemon Go and help you catch a Duskull.

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Pokemon Go Duskull October Community Day
Pokemon Go Duskull October Community Day

The event will take place on Saturday the 9th of October running from 11:00 am to 5 pm in your local time. It features a whole host of extra bonuses and special incentives. Not only can you catch Duskull, if evolved during the event or up to two hours after, but you will also get a Dusknoir.

This evolution will know the charged attack shadow ball. By doing free timed Pokemon research on community day, you can earn up to four Sinnoh Stones. This should help you make the evolution.

Other rewards include thirty Ultra Balls, available at no extra cost in the store. Extra special gifts are available if you take snapshots during the event. Bonuses include 3x catch stardust, with incense and lure used during the event lasting for three hours.

If you want to spend a little cash, for $1 you can also access the Duskull Community Day Special Research Story. Named ‘Nothing Dull About Duskull’ it tells you everything you need to know about this Pokemon. However, much more useful is the one-time community day box. This grants you 128- Pokecoins, 50 ultra-balls, four incense, four-star pieces, and an elite charged TM.

This Community Day event is a great opportunity to collect a very rare Pokemon. Like all community day events, the organizers do advise being aware of surroundings. You should always follow community guidelines when playing Pokemon go. The event is subject to change, but you can always check back here for any updates.

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