Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Crashing & Freezing (Xbox & PC)

If the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 campaign keeps freezing and crashing in early access on Xbox and PC (Steam and, you are not the onle one. COD MW2 campaign early access is now live across all platforms. However, it wasn’t the smoothest of launches, as many players were unable to even start the game and install the pre-release update. Not only that, but it seems that the campaign is riddled with all kinds of bugs. And on top of that, the Modern Warfare 2 campaign keeps crashing the game. Read on to learn what we know about it.

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Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Crashing & Freezing (Xbox & PC)

Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Keeps Freezing and Crashing on Xbox and PC

Let’s not beat around the bush here. All current Modern Warfare 2 campaign crashing issues in early access are the results of various bugs and glitches, and there’s not much you can do to fix them. Currently, the biggest crashing point is during the campaign in the 2nd mission. Namely, in the part where your teammate gets shot, he will ask you to kill an enemy. However, after that, you need to kill another enemy, but then the framerate drops unbearably until the game crashes. This has nothing to do with your gear, it is simply a widespread bug as reported on Reddit. Several other players have also confirmed the crashing issue at the exact same spot.

Keeps crashing on Xbox Series X before you get into the second house. Can’t continue either just keeps freezing,” says Reddit user GhillieInTheFallout. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about it currently. As we’ve already stated these are the game-breaking bugs which need to be stamped out by developers as soon as possible. If we encounter a temporary workaround, we will make sure to share it with you. If you have a solution for the “Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Crashing” issue, share it with us in the comments section!



  1. R

    I’m on the 6th mission, it crashed when I jumped in the water from the mountain in Mexico, and keeps crashing now every time I load the mission

    1. W
      william frey

      Same exact problem

    2. S

      I literally lose my progress everytime the game crashes do you know of any fixes for the game?

      1. S

        If you are playing on PC, go into Virus & Threat Protection -> Ransomware Protection -> Turn off Controlled Folder Access. That being turned on prevents the game from saving. If you dont want to turn it off completely there is also an option to add exceptions. You can do that as well.

      2. A

        Nov 2 bug still not fixed. Lazy devs.😒

  2. J
    jacques lammens

    Whenever i trie to load in or even try to press on the settings button ingame it just constantly CTD to my desktop

    1. S

      how do you get you missions back that were “saved” right before the crash. my s**t has crashed three times already..

      1. A
        Anindya Sengupta

        My game keep freezing right after I de-board the chopper on my Xbox series x.The controller freezed up not even respond to restart the Xbox.I had to manually trun of the Xbox.

  3. A

    I uninstalled the game and when I went to reinstall the game I clicked modified install. I only installed the campaign.

  4. A

    I uninstalled the game, when I went to reinstall it I only downloaded the modern warfare 2 campaign, not the warzone 2 portion of the download. After I reinstalled just the campaign I clicked play and it still crashed immediately. Then I went back into modify install and reinstalled the warzone 2 portion of the download. That gave me an update and after I had to re-allow my computer access and then the game worked for me again.

  5. S

    Hi in the settings ingame try setting render resolution to 100%

    1. R

      Great idea will try

  6. B

    i keep crashing in the 9th mission when a dialogue option comes up. regardless of which option i choose or if i let the time go down it crashes

  7. S

    anyone else having it restart there whole pc before it even starts up? ive done everything i can and its not a hardware issue/ it onoly does it with this game and idk what else to do. if u have the same issue let me know so i know im not the only one

    1. B

      I’m experiencing the exact same thing. Freezes my whole computer and then it restarts to the desktop. So you are definitely not the only one. It’s not your hardware.

  8. C

    Game continues to randomly crash and when I restart it, all progress is lost…have to start campaign from scratch. Worst launch ever.

  9. R

    yeah, this is game breaking, I get like 20 minutes of game play time before it freezes and CTD. This is ridiculous

  10. H
    Hayli Wilson

    Mine keeps crashing at the start of El Sin Nombre… I’ve restarted, and quit the game like 10x, same every time.

    1. B

      Mine does the same thing on that mission, as soon as alejandro kicks the door it freezes

      1. G

        Mine crashes at the exact same point, as soon as Alejandro kicks the door in to Valeria.

        1. B

          Same for me, I’d rather see them kick her doors in repeatedly tbh

        2. M

          Same thing for me on PS5. You’d think they’d have picked this up in functional testing.

        3. J

          Same here, reinstalling the game didn’t fix it. I’m trying to play the mission from start rn. Until here game ran smooth af

          1. W

            Did it work? I am stuck on the same part

          2. M

            I had the same issue. Rather than engaging anyone, turn and walk away once he kicks the door in and then walk back and try firing again. This worked for me.

      2. M

        Mine kept crashing too at the Door scene in El Sin Nombre. I was able to get past the crash, what I did was turn my sensitivity up to around 12 or so, as soon as the door opens shoot to the left and it should work after. Haven’t had problems yet.

      3. W

        Same kick door in freeze-dried ceash

      4. B

        YES bro I have the EXACT same problem. Right when I kick the doors in…

    2. M

      I had the same issue. Rather than engaging anyone, turn and walk away once he kicks the door in and then walk back and try firing again. This worked for me.

    3. R

      Same for me EL Sin Nombre, right when they break the door down it freezes up every time. They literally market EARLY game play and then don’t deliver on that promise due to these issues. Honestly should be a class action lawsuit for false advertising.

  11. R

    My crash comes in on the Alone mission when I am out of the tunnels to head toward the church. It crashed and refuses to go back to it.

  12. A

    The game worked for me for a solid hour then it started glitching sooo bad, so I restarted my PC and checked all my drivers and settings, but everything was caught up, so then i just uninstalled and then reinstalled the game now it refuses to even open. i have everything installed that needs to be installed yet now I cannot even open the game 🙁

  13. H

    Game starts up just fine on my PC, but once i try to load 9th misssion it crashes ASAP. NEED THIS FIXED ASAP PLEASE!
    Very annoying it keeps doing it.

  14. A

    Just restart mission. Worked for me

  15. S

    Mines crashing on level 11 EL SIN NOMBRE as soon as you breach the room it closes the game any ideas on how to fix this

    1. J
      Joshua William Euman

      no way to fix this on our end its a fault on their side hopfully it gets sorted soon so we can all play

    2. P

      I’m at the exact same point and am having the same issue. Breach the door and the game locks/crashes.

    3. C

      Same exact point for me too!

      1. A
        Aidan Carroll

        SAME. I’ve restarted the mission, cleared the Xbox series x cache and still happens every time. Hope they can fix this soon.

        1. G

          Yeah same thing for me on Xbox series x, no problems before this

    4. T

      Same here. I’m on Xbox one version. I’ve tried tuning down graphics and so, to no avail. Smh

    5. W

      I had to restart the mission and when I played stealthily I was able to bypass the shader warning and crash.

      It would crash right after breach with shotgun in hand and I couldn’t do anything else. A reddit post I found suggested that the story is broken since you had killed Diego and the cutscene has Diego in it. Restart the mission and play stealth and it won’t crash.

  16. J

    Hi everytime I start the game on steam it restarts my computer. Like i start the game my pc goes of and go back on………… like bruh

  17. K

    PC locking up on various missions and force close the game/restart pc. My pc can take the extreme settings and also changed it low and normal to see if it would fix the issue. Same bs! I hope they come out with a fix soon.

  18. G

    I have 2 acc linked but isnt a problem because i have been palying all cods just fine,i played yesterday for about 3 hours then when i tried to play the other day it got really bad.The game starts and after about 20 secs it closes.

  19. S
    Scot Noon

    i crash on the second mission in the plane always around the time where you call the air strike in on armored vehicles. sometimes shortly before sometimes immediately after. not only does my game crash but it force restarts my pc as well.

  20. S
    Simon Semerjyan

    on mission Countdown, after using a makeshift weapon, my game broke. not frozen or crashing. just broken. i can’t do anything except open my backpack. enemies are wandering around looking for me and i can’t even look around. I reloaded checkpoint: checkpoint is where i used the weapon. restarted the game: nothing. i have to restart the whole mission and i’m pretty annoyed because its pretty long.

  21. G
    God Killer

    I can’t play at all now I am on the mission where you rescue Alejandro and it just crashes each time I load up now

  22. M

    Mine kept crashing too at the Door scene in El Sin Nombre. I was able to get past the crash, what I did was turn my sensitivity up to around 12 or so, as soon as the door opens shoot to the left and it should work after. Haven’t had problems yet.

  23. M

    Seriously, the Devs need to address this ASAP, as it is making the game unplayable. I am sick of filling out the bug reports for this game. It really can’t be that hard for them to sort the freezing and crashing issue. The concept of the game is great and the graphics superb but the crashing and freezing element just makes the game a joke.

  24. P
    Phillip Goodchild

    Forever crashing in Alone mission in tunnels. Each time I pick up an item or do a takedown. Now just crashed as I made it up the steps. I can no longer progress in the game. Very frustrating.

  25. C
    Charlie davids

    My game keeps crashing on el sin nombre when you and Alejandro break into the penthouse where Diego and the woman are. I’ve restarted the game many times and it still keeps crashing. Does anybody have any ideas for what to do?

    1. C
      Carl Cox

      Have you tried verifying the game files to see if there is any corruption ?

  26. C
    Carl Cox

    mine has continuously crashed throughout the whole campaign at random points, It worked perfectly fine on day 1 of it but now constant crashes.
    Sometimes the game will just shut down and not even come up with a bug report….
    I can’t get my FPS above 60 either, even when I try it on minimum graphics settings.

    3070 Ryzen 7 3GB RAM

    1. M
      Morris Plüss

      Got the same gpu and cpu its the same for me its like you can play a littlebit and out of nowhere it crashes…

  27. D

    My situation is a bit different. Graphics look perfectly fine and story was playable EXCEPT every 20-30 seconds the game freezes in place for 10-15 seconds and resumes. Every 15-20 freezes or so, it’ll completely crash. I tried lowest graphics, verify integrity, reinstall, etc. none of you are alone. Mine especially freezes when I aim down the sights. Is anyone having THAT specific issue?

    1. A

      yeah. same problem. tried the same fixes. nothing has worked.
      very frustrating. on the driving car mission and its not playable

  28. P

    close razer apps and load it back up, they conflict with the game

  29. L

    On lighthouse mission, seaguls around the buildings are standing on invisible objects. Also, if you walk along the rock edge of the road to the right of the buildings, Squat down and look up in one of the gaps, you can see through the terrain.

  30. R
    Ronald Greenwald

    Tonight is going to be the WORST LAUNCH EVER!!! The beta was a freeze out as well as the Campaign so I would expect the same going forward. The Money we all spend on PC,consoles and accessories not to mention Bankrolling there business just to get a sack put over our heads and sucker punched.🤬🤬🤬🤬

  31. F

    Always freezes at the same point in the campaign when zoomed in with sights. Please fix ahahahah asap

  32. A
    Austin Zubko

    I have xbox series x, and I am in the mission where I’m in ghillie suits with captain Price. Once I’m loaded in he tells you to aim in and I realized my controller is locked and no controls work except the Xbox button to go to the menu and restart the game. I tried reseting to play a new campaign and it locks my controller or just no buttons work. also everyone in gane is completely muted even the game party chat. People completely muted on multi-player even after going through Xbox settings and game settings to open up game chat. Excited for this game but the bugs are ridiuclous

  33. M
    Michael n

    Happens to me on Aloneand Dark Waters. Just boots me to the xbsx dash.

  34. D

    I’m having the exact same problem as the comment from Austin Zubko, same system, same mission, same frozen controller with only the Xbox button working. I’ve tried clearing cache, starting a new campaign, and reinstalling with no changes. Very frustrating.

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