Login into Demonware Crashes Xbox COD Modern Warfare 2

If the Modern Warfare 2 early access crashes on Xbox Series X when logging into Demonware and waiting for data centres, we have a possible fix. Call of Duty MW2 campaign early access is now live for gamers on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. Unfortunately, the campaign is currently plagued with numerous bugs. Read on to learn how to fix the “Modern Warfare II Xbox crashes on launch, cannot get past logging into Demonware” issue.

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Xbox Crashes when Login into Demonware Modern Warfare 2 Beta

Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox Crashes on Launch, Cannot Get Past Logging Into Demonware Fix

If you have pre-ordered Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, you probably want to play the campaign early access. Unfortunately, for a number of players, that’s not currently possible. Steam players can’t get past the “Verify Phone Number” issue. Other PC gamers suffer from the 0x00001338 Error Code. And when it comes to Xbox gamers, they can’t even load the Modern Warfare 2 campaign due to the issue with logging into Demonware and waiting for data centres.

So, is there a fix for this annoying issue? You’ve pre-ordered the game. And, it is your right to play the campaign in early access. Unfortunately, for now, we have only two possible workarounds for this problem. Reddit user IrishBros91 has shared a possible solution. There, he states as follows:

“Attention everyone when pressing A to start on Xbox to log into Demonware, open another application that needs the Internet – Browser, Twitch, etc. Wait a couple of minutes while using another Internet application and you will bypass that issue into the game.”

Another possible fix for the COD Modern Warfare 2 “Login into Demonware Crashes Xbox” issue was provided by our reader “Kav”, here’s what he says:

  • Load the game up on a different account.
  • Switch accounts to your main while still in the game.
  • As long as you’ve got it fully loaded and logged in – press the “Xbox button”.
  • Don’t dashboard or quit the game.
  • Then just load it up on the main account.

So there you have it. Currently, these are the only two possible workarounds for the “Modern Warfare II Xbox Login into Demonware” issue. If we find any other solution, we will make sure to share it with you here as soon as possible. Hopefully, developers will fix this alarming problem as fast as possible.



  1. D

    It doesn’t work tried it. It’ll take u to another screen then dashboards you

    1. B

      For People who keep – boarding when loading in to go to you I have found out another way of doing it play it on your other account not your main account a bit weird

      1. G

        You absolute legend it’s all working please spread the word it may sort others accounts out

      2. J
        Jim Girgenti

        FULL FIX: Make sure that your friends list has less than 300 people I can confirm this works I had 400 and something friends deleted. Now I can play on my main account.

    2. @

      It worked for me

    3. G

      Soo if you try another gamer tag while signing in on the you you pre-ordered it may work… so have 2 accounts signed in but when you open the game use a different gamertag it worked for me making me think its something to do with the user name that pre-order the game I make a whole new Activision account as well on that account and it works perfect but it isn’t cool because I can’t level up the main account I use which frustrated me but atleast it works to try the game out.. hope this work around works for anyone who isn’t able to play!!

      1. A
        anthony r marco

        So I had a problem for 3 days. Just unlinked my account from the cod website. Loaded up my game and it made me create an account. I just chose sign in and I used my account I just unlinked and it worked first try

    4. D
      Darren Baker

      I couldnt play either. I was skeptical about this method, but it worked. I had over 600 friends, and after deleting the ones i dont really play with, or ones that havent logged on in forever, i was left with under 100, and i was able to log on no problem. I just did this at 3:28pm on 9-24-22….

      1. N

        No offense but that has nothing to do with anything. I have 14 friends and my games not working either.

    5. E

      Make sure to have less then 300 freinds on your main account for it to work

  2. J

    Already issues just logging in. Canceled pre order as soon as beta is done.

    1. S

      Y’all are being whiny little b****s, “I’m cancelling my preorder after beta” like it’s a beta tf you gonna cancel your whole order cause the beta had a server issue like get tf outta here.

      1. R
        Ryan Leveling

        I mean cod is dog**** anyway lmao it’s been dead for years just a bunch of kids and adults who can’t let go of the past who play it

        1. J
          jesus munoz

          Lol so let me guess you’re a teen ? To what ages make you an adult an child just curious

        2. E

          Lol cod is a billion dollar franchise. Everyone that is dropped bring massive profits. Inside of a month, they already make back the money they spent to make it. Then nothing but profit results afterwards. Sometimes within the first 2weeks. That’s not death, that’s overwhelmingly successful and more alive then most of the games out on the market. Nobody cares about the other fps, just the next cod. It’s been that way for along time, other then the fact black ops is 2 years away is the only reason there won’t be another billion dollar game next year. Cod is dead lmfao

      2. E

        This is not a beta lol

        People sewk to forget a “beta” is supposed to be the build once they actually get the framework of the game done(the alpha state) and actually texture the game so that it’s playable. This game is in its release state, there is no physical way they can patch half of the issues out in less than a month.
        A “beta” would have come out in possibly January of this year, this is just a “Hahaha, hey, here’s a way to earn “free” things for playing the game”. If you think any serious work is going to be done between here and release date, youre sadly mistaken and utterly wrong.

        1. J

          Not really, there are always major patches the month before launch. You don’t know s**t about the dev world bud, obviously. There are often server issues because server-related components are one of the last things to be stress tested due to the requirement of having so many people online at once. So yes, I’d bet money this issue will be patched by the time it launches.

      3. C

        I love that since you’re able to get in youre biased and actually able to play unlike 75% of us

        1. D

          Clay please try logging into a different xbox account buddy it worked for me and try launching the game in other account. Hope this works

      4. J
        Joe Hansen

        I understand why people would want to cancel… I spent over $100 to get early access… They are giving special blueprints for people that make it to level 30 during the beta… However with all these bugs and thousands of players who pre-ordered to get early access… I don’t blame them for wanting to cancel…
        How is that being a little “b****”?

  3. N

    I’ve been at this for 4hr Seince the beta came out and still not able to get in the game keeps dashboarding me

    1. D

      Hi I have a theory my girlfriend downloaded mw2 via the store. I downloaded via a message from Xbox also I’m on the one x she has the one not sure if this has any reliance 👍☝️ I’m currently reinstalling from store so see if that helps 🤔

    2. J
      jesus munoz

      Try this was you press A to start it hit the home button and leave it, it will start up but then once you hit the home button again to get into game it crashes again some BS bug

    3. B

      You can get access to the beta u preordered by logging into a second account and playing on that account

      1. J
        Johnny Perdue

        Thank you it actually worked kinda suck I can’t play on my main account tho

    4. G

      Try another gamer tag while also logged into your main account and make another Activision account with it works every time for me this way I can not play on my main account in which I pre ordered it on

  4. A

    Exact same issue, complete joke

  5. D
    Darren Baker

    I will be cancelling my order as well, 99 bucks for an unplayable headache is not my idea of fun. I should not have to log into different websites to start a game. Ive tried, the game still crashes when you return weather your past the demonware part or not

    1. W
      Warden steel

      Bruh it’s one bug on a beta that almost a month from release.

      1. J

        Your right, we cant play the game a month before release, cant wait to see the b*****t they push out in a month💀 these typed of things need to be playtested and this shows that it was not thoroughly tested at all. They rushed an unplayable game to get more money out of us. Even if its only 50% of players who cant play, we just spend $70+ On this for no reason.

        1. M

          yeah bro you know nothing about making a game get 2mil+ people stress testing your game for the first time then come back and let me know how your game performed dummy. use a alt alt account and just play the game.

    2. N

      How do I fix the crashing beta

  6. E
    Eliot Omar

    It worked but just crashed

  7. K
    Kaos Dale

    It works just loaded up Internet explorer on Xbox then loaded up the beta then straight back onto the Internet then wait a few minutes then back onto the beta

    1. K
      Kaos Dale

      Then crashes

    2. J
      Joel Lewis

      Na I tried this trick it gets u past that first screen then kicks u back to dashboard

      1. M

        Yea did the same thing to me I also tried joining a game session from the Home Screen and it did it also but got me a little bit further now I’m just toying around with timing when to try and join or whatever lol this is straight bullshit though

    3. M

      Wow I still can’t even play y

  8. D
    Dakotah W

    Pre-ordered the Vault Edition. Was exited to play the beta but can’t even get into the loading screen…

    1. J
      Jack B

      Yeah same, I can get to the “change user” part but then dashboards me. Again..

  9. J

    All of you complaining and saying you’re canceling the pre order because of the beta BETA having issues it’s called the Beta for a reason to TEST and make INPROVEMENTS it’s not the actual game but a BETA TEST quit being a bunch of prissy little missies or be like that it’s on you

    1. J

      Then y make us pay if we are just testing the game? Should be an open beta if theres going to be issues this serious to where 50% of players cant even load the game on a 500$ console and a 75$ game. No reason to make us pay if we are testing, u must be one of the lucky ones who got to play💀

      1. G

        Try another gamertag it will work

    2. V

      If the beta is a test why don’t we get paid this stuff should be tested before we get to try it so we shouldn’t have to pay for a beta it should be free then let us preorder the game it a bunch of bs

    3. A

      Lol it’s a MAJOR bug and this is a BIG company… how r idiots not understanding the frustration. Game with this much prestige and support shouldn’t go through this even in ‘beta’ form. But dummy’s saying why r u canceling ur order lol. Millions of dollars put to shame

    4. C

      No it isnt at all actually. Your just a person who is used to getting rear ending by companies who dont give a f*** about you and know youll not only just hand them your money but be happy about getting ripped off. Ppl paid for a service, early access to the beta…. Now they arent receiving that or a refund…. A beta should if nothing else be playable. Why would we want access to unlock things for an alt account when that gains us nothing for the main account we will be playing on… At that point we are paying to do the job they should have done in the first place. This is after 3 titles of broken gameplay and bugs, 2 eras of warzone both with almost unplayable bigs for large amounts of time, oh and the clear shot at fans when the second warzone map that was suppose to fix supersoldiers who can sprint and never get tired, never eat or sleep, but cant climb a fucking rock was literally over 65% rock that you cant climb with another 5% that you can…… And a million bushes as if they didnt know bush wookies in a br is something nobody but a bush wookie likes…… Maybe you should be less happy about them when they told you was a new better game…..

  10. B

    I’ll be canceling my pre order this game sucks first day of my beta access and I can’t even access it goodbye cod

  11. B

    They beta fix this

    1. C
      Chad the hung horse

      You’re a giga chad

    2. J
      Jack B

      This made me giggle

  12. S

    it worked the dashed me if it dont work this time im off cod for good there losing to many people already n its just the beta

    1. G

      Use a different gamertag! With new account

  13. R
    Ryan Leveling

    I have tried to log in for hours and it still will not let me play the game. Literally so sad, actually was gonna give cod a chance again since I haven’t played since black ops 2 and it’s just not even able to be played. What a waste of money

  14. W
    William Edward Platt

    Yes it’s not Allowing me to play the Beta what the hell did I just spend all that money for I do believe I’m gonna be asking for a refund

  15. K

    Hi, I’ve experienced this and I fixed it by logging on to a whole new xbox account and it worked. If you want to play on your main then load it up and log in on alt account, switch to main while on main menu, aslong as you’ve got it fully loaded and logged in, press home. Don’t dashboard or quit the game. Then just load it up on main account. Should work:) but if I quit the game once it works I have to repeat the whole process again. I don’t know why or how it fixes it but my game hasn’t crashed since I’ve tried this. Hope this helps

    1. E

      Can you explain in depth once more? Step By Step? I tried this but it didn’t work unfortunately

      1. K

        No worries everyone. For some it works but I don’t know how to describe anything else and I’m pretty sure I detailed it well. If you can’t follow those steps just play on another account until a patch comes out. Bit annoying

        1. M

          It worked for me, just can’t play with friends.

      2. G

        Use a whole new gamertag and different Activision account idk about his work around for the main account I havnt been able to make that work for me it stays as the first one I opened the game as but ill keep trying

    2. E

      Also, what do you mean with press home? Where is that? inside the game? Thank you

      1. K

        Hi Enzo, I just load the game and log in with another account and it should log in. Then you switch to the account you want to play on if you didn’t want to play on a alt:) then press home on the xbox menu, load it up with your main account then you should bypass the crash:) it’s worked all night for me, hope this has helped:)

        1. E

          Just tried, it didnt work unfortunately. Just to confirm, when you say Home, is by pressing the xbox button in the control and then pressing home on the menu it appears correct? Then from there it takes me to my main dashboard and I load the game there? Thank you

        2. C

          Can you describe it in steps and is this only in the seriesx/s

        3. K

          Worked for me thanks bro.

        4. I

          It works for me. Thank you so much brother.

    3. D

      This actually worked for me 🙂

      1. E

        can you detail the steps please? Appreciate it

        1. C

          Hey I tried this with my main but kicks me out still I was wondering if this is a problem because if old gen.

      2. T

        How long did it take

      3. M

        are you able to join ur friends games tho?

    4. R


      1. E

        Not working for me…. Can you explain how you did exactly? Thank you

        1. M

          1. Sign into the game with your main account.
          2. Once it shows “ status logging in Demonware “ hit home “XBOX” button on controller.
          3. Switch to a second account on your Xbox,
          4. Once passed Demonware login “switch” back to main account
          5. YOU CANT SIGNOUT OF ANY OF THE ACCOUNTS or it’ll boot you out.

          Those are the steps to play. And you will have to REPEAT these steps EVERYTIME you want to play.

          P.S. I believe due to being signed on to 2 accounts it WONT allow you to join or play with friends. Only randoms alone when you try to join friends it’ll say error can’t determine controller because you’re on 2 accounts at once.

    5. M
      Mil 414

      Thanks this works for me too!!

    6. M

      It worked thank you your a genius

    7. C

      Hey I tried this with my main but kicks me out still I was wondering if this is a problem because if old gen.

      1. K

        So load the game up on a different account (not your main) then sign in and it shouldn’t crash you. Then switch accounts while still on the game, aslong as you’ve pressed A and signed in on a different account. Then switch accounts to you main, Press home, don’t quit the game by going home. Just press home on the tab menu, then load it up on your main and it shouldn’t crash you:) if that doesn’t work only option to play is to play on alt:)

        1. E

          When you say (PRESS HOME) You mean the Xbox logo? Also, I cant launch the game without pressing home on the xbox menu, going to the main xbox dashboard and from there launch the game from the main account. I would appreciate your guidance

    8. M

      how are you switching accounts from main menu

      1. C

        I’m just switching accounts when I’m in the game, go home, and it just restarts

    9. M

      How is this possible? When I go on another account it says I have to be on the account that paid for the game.

      1. K

        I’m not sure? My method has worked for alot of people, I’ll put up a YouTube video soon

        1. M

          It worked for me … but now I can’t play with friends or join games

    10. G

      How did u switch to main account I also fixed this the same way but I can’t get it to use my main account did you log out of the first account you used??

      1. M

        You log into the game on a different account on your XBOX.
        Once you get to “status demonware login “ you let it load a bit then you switch back to ur main account once it gets passed demonware login status and you’ll need to do this every time you want to play. ALSO this will make it so YOU can’t play in games with your friends.

  16. X

    f**k this, tired of every game or beta that comes out there’s an issue getting in the game. had this problem in 2019 beta. you think these f*******s would have seen this coming and yeah im cancelling my preorder, because if you cant get the beta right then the games f****d. and you cheerleaders out there simping over this beta, please stfu. its a playable beta, well supposed to be. this was an issue last weekend as well for playstation, so it not like they didnt have time to fix it

  17. R

    I have the same issue for ps5

  18. B
    Brandon Chaffin

    I pre-ordered it and can’t play on the account I bought it with, but I can play it with a smurf, this games f*****g stupid

  19. L
    Lamont Buchanan

    Bro yall out here complaining about a beta like bro you expect a game to come out in beta perfect no glitches. Like come on don’t cancel you order over that wait it takes time for them to do this they could shut down the company right now and boom no more cod for you so shut up and wait.

    1. R

      What we’re saying is if they had a week of the beta live for PlayStation wouldn’t they have been testing this for Xbox and pc too? I can’t even start the game without it immediately crashing and it’s been released for 8 hours now. This is bull****

  20. R

    It’s nearly 6pm and I still can’t play the game, every time it logs into demon ware the game crashes and returns me to the Xbox Home Screen. I’ve reinstalled 4 damn times and no change in 8 hours of the game being out and constant complaints to activision. So far I wish I wouldn’t have spent my $100 on getting a game that I can’t even try, what the f*** was the point of pre-ordering then. Idc if it’s “only” been 8 hours THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN TESTED BEFORE GOING LIVE PEOPLE

  21. C
    Christopher RINGWALD

    You have to understand the game just came out it’s like when a game system first comes out it’s in the testing part and see what the company needs to do better just give it a little bit more time it should work out

  22. A
    Aaron Rover

    I have a Xbox one s and I bought the new call of duty vault edition over $100 game and I downloaded the beta as well and I tried to play the beta rn and it kick me right back to the Xbox Home Screen ???

  23. T

    Bought the vaulted edition just to be told to **** off and keeps crashing but I can play on my alt. How bad does everyone need to beg for you to fix even the beta like come on. I’m not tryna see crashes I’m tryna see gameplay. So sad and disappointed. And don’t say I’m b****g and complaining. I spent money I wanna see my worth. I didn’t spend money to get f***** over. So yeah I’m valid for every reason I say and I could care less if you don’t care about the beta and service issues, I’m someone who’s played cod since a young age and honestly this is dog**** poor excuse of a beta.

  24. J

    This for xbox when loading the game push xbox button on controller you should see in back ground it past the logging in part and get to cod screen then mine crashes again but might work for others

  25. E

    If you play on a smurf it works fine.

  26. J
    jesus munoz

    Smh this is annoying to think we trying to play the beta like damn

  27. C

    I’m having same issue

  28. M

    so lets me get in game on alt account but cant switch still crashes, any ideas

    1. K
      Kaos Dale

      Delete pre-order beta from your main account download it on your alt account. after it’s downloaded go on your main account see if that works

  29. M

    I found a fix!! Simply sign into a different account on xbox and you will be able to play it!! Your welcome

  30. J

    So i have a okish fix, if you try to load the game up on another xbox account it will work no problem, but you will need to make a “new”/fake” activison account, ince you do this you can play the beta no problem and since its just the beta its not like you wouldnt have to re grind weapons when the full game comes out and you can play on your main account

    1. J

      How to switch to the main account

  31. B

    Well somehow I was able to play on my main account last night got to level 18 I can’t get back in as of now but I’ll let you know

  32. J

    I found out a way if your on xbox and your game keeps crashing only way to be able to play beta is make new gamertag on fresh account then load in will work until they patch it so we can use original account

  33. C

    Everyone b*****g about a beta doing beta things can go f*** right off.. I can smell the lack of deodorant on this page. they didn’t MAKE YOU PAY for a beta everyone else gets access to for free. i don’t know how you haven’t learned your lesson after the past 4 games. maybe reflect upon yourself if your b*****g to a random internet page about 70$ nobody forced you to pay

  34. B

    I’m glad I got both my accounts to level 30

  35. S

    what about pc all workarounds are for xbox ps5 i have the demonware login problem

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