Missing Campaign Packs Modern Warfare 2 Early Access PS5 & PS4

Are you unable to launch Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Early Access because you are “Missing one or more Single Player DLC Packs”? You are not the only one! The COD MW2 campaign is now live on all platforms for everyone who has preordered the game digitally. However, the early access launch is currently suffering from a myriad of issues. By far the biggest problem is the one preventing players from even starting Modern Warfare 2. If you are receiving “there is no content” or “the item you’re looking for is unavailable” messages on PS4 and PS5, saying that “it might not be for sale yet”, here’s what we know about it.

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Missing Campaign DLC Packs Modern Warfare 2 Early Access PS5 & PS4
Modern Warfare 2 Early Access The Item You’re Looking For Is Unavailable

Modern Warfare 2 Early Access Campaign Missing One or More Single Player DLC Packs on PS5 & PS4

The early access launch for the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare campaign is finally here for players on all platforms! However, instead of enjoying the content, they’ve paid for, many players are currently struggling to even launch the game. PlayStation 4 and PS5 owners in particular are plagued by the “Missing Campaign Packs” glitch. Despite installing all the required content and updates, the players are still unable to play the game.

The message reads “You are missing one or more single-player DLC packs. Please download and install”. It is usually preceded by an error that says “the item you’re looking for is unavailable. It might not be for sale yet, or might no longer be for sale”. So, is there a fix for this infuriating issue? Unfortunately, this is a server-related glitch and it needs to be fixed by developers. To the best of our knowledge, there are currently no workarounds to bypass this bug.

Players with this issue have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game and all the packs, restarting their consoles, and logging out and back in. And nothing works. Thus, unfortunately, for now, we will have to wait for Activision to fix this problem. If we stumble upon any working solution, we will make sure to immediately update our article.



  1. M
    Mark Innes

    Totally s**t. Took day off to load and play today. Want my money back. Mark innes

  2. L

    Anyone found a fix for this or have they even responded on any of the threads?? A day gone already yet I’m unable to do anything on PS5 version, indeed need a refund or money back or at least a response to this false promise

  3. A

    Any fix to this 1 days is gone already tried uninstall and install the whole thing again still same issue asking to download dlc packs!!!! Wtf!!

    1. J
      Jeremy Alexander

      I’ve been wanting to play it so badly but the same s*** happened to me too

  4. B

    That’s bull**** bro I paid 100$ to play it early and I don’t get to play it for 2 days WTF we need a fix ASAP

    1. R

      Me to every year its the same thing all the money they are getting billions and they carnt even sort it out what is it going to be like when the hole game comes out w#$k

  5. P

    We paid 100$ for this s*!t !!

  6. F

    I uninstalled the game and installed it again on ps5 and nothing still the same. They need to fix this quick.

  7. B
    Basile Van der Poorten

    Ridiculous! I downloaded the game and started to play it. Changed to another game, briefly, I restart the game again and suddenly I’m missing a DLC. How the **** could I play it before? Same sh*t, different day. Change your name to Passivision, you pack of Bull****creators! Even after all these years, you aren’t able to make or fix a proper game! 100€ well spent I’d say!

  8. N
    Nady Tanas

    Hi Guys,
    for PS5 users, if you have ordered a cross bundle version, don’t download the game from my games, go to the store search for COD game and go for select version then download PS4 version.

    i’ve have the same issue. however, yesterday i tried the PS4 version and it worked for me on PS5.
    the steps are as follows:
    1- Delete the game and all game saved data (on console and cloud)
    2- clear console Cache for good measure
    3- go to the store search for COD game and go for select version then download PS4 version.
    i hope that would help.

    1. V

      I just bought the call of duty modern warfare for the ps4 and how do I get the campaign pac k1 and pack 2 and the multiplayer pack.

  9. J
    John Mckenzie

    Been having this little issue all day.. went to manage game data and saw it said that the DLC packs were installed BUT it didn’t have any glue sizes by it. Went to the P25 main screen and saw there was a file download error. Clicker it and it showed 2 DLC packs for Campaign and 1 for multi-player that didn’t install due to not enough storage. Currently downloading them and we will see if it works.

    1. J
      John Mckenzie

      Stupid auto correct… basically on PS5 main screen, check if you have a download file error. I did on the DLC packs for not enough storage. Currently downloading them now.

      1. T
        Trent Cockrell

        I WAS GETTING SO MAD AND TRIED RESTORE LICENSE IN USERS AND ACCOUNTS ON PS5 and worked like a charm. Playing campaign rn!

        1. A
          Annie McD

          This was very good advice. We restored the licences, before and after reloading and today it is working!!

  10. K

    Guys, this is the solution that worked for me, I’m on battle.net and in the UAE. in Battle.net right click on the game, and click on modify game, then go to languages, in there the only selected language was only English, so I just added the region’s language (In my case Arabic) and click update. Didn’t encounter the missing dlc error since. Hope this helps yall struggling out there.

  11. B
    Brandon shamba

    I had the same message but I stayed on the error screen for like a minute and I clicked retry and it worked

  12. B

    On ps4, tried to restore licenses and it worked!!! Try it out and let me know

  13. C

    Ridiculous! I paid more just to play early, I think those of us who did should at least get back the $30 extra we paid.

  14. P
    paul cunningham

    ive completed the campaign went to another game came back to find iam on the start mission got the trophy for doing the campaign tried everything still nothing what a load of bs

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