MW2 Prestige 2022 Explained

If you need the MW2 2022 Prestige explained, you’ve come to the right place. We are going to break down how the Prestige system works in the new Modern Warfare 2 and what you need to do to achieve it. Perhaps more importantly, we will explain why you can’t prestige in MW2 yet, even though you’ve maxed out your Military Rank.

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mw2 prestige 2022 explained
MW2 Prestige 2022 Explained

How to Prestige in MW2

To prestige in MW2 in 2022, or Modern Warfare 2, you first have to get to Military Rank 55. For that, you need to gather Player XP. We cover that in more detail in our guide titled How to Level Up Fast in MW2. Long story short; do Career, Bonus and Daily challenges in both multiplayer and Special Ops, get kills (especially headshots) in matches, etc. Once you claw your way to Military Rank 55, you can then “exchange” that for Prestige. Your rank then resets to zero, and the process starts over. Rinse and repeat. Or, at least, that’s how things should work. Unfortunately, Prestige is tied to seasons. What does that mean in practice, I hear you ask?

It means that you currently can’t prestige in the 2022 version of MW2, or Modern Warfare 2. That’s because the first season is going to kick off on November 16th; you won’t be able to exchange your max Military Rank for Prestige until then. You can, however, keep gathering XP and leveling up your Military Rank. That way, you’ll be ready to prestige the moment the season begins. That is, assuming that the developers don’t decide to reset your progress so that everybody starts at a level playing field. We’ll have to wait for November 16th to see what happens. But, other than that, the Prestige system works exactly the same in Modern Warfare 2 as in previous recent Call of Duty games. It’s just not available yet.

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