Who is Makarov in MW2 2022?

Who is Makarov in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 2022? And what does “No Russian” mean in MW2 post-credit scene? These are the questions that have many left wondering as they watched Modern Warfare 2’s ending and post-credit cutscenes. The Modern Warfare 2 campaign kicked off in early access on October 20th and players around the world are enjoying its compelling story and exciting action. Many have already beaten the campaign, and are already thinking about ending and post-credits cutscenes and what that means for Modern Warfare 3. Read on as we explain who is Makarov in MW2 2022.

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Who is Makarov in Modern Warfare 2 2022? MW2 Ending and Post-Credits Cutscenes Explained
Who was Makarov in Call of Duty?

Who is Makarov in Modern Warfare 2 2022? MW2 Ending and Post-Credit Cutscenes Explained

The story of Modern Warfare 2 continues a couple of years after the events of Modern Warfare(2019). By now, Task Force 141 is fully established and it operates around the globe. In MW2, we are tasked to find American missiles held by a terrorist group. And by the end, with the help of Mexican Special Forces, we’ve detonated the missiles safely and have Hassan Zyani dead.

When everything is seemingly over, during the Modern Warfare 2 final cutscene, Laswell and the boys are relaxing in a bar. However, it’s always about business with them. Namely, Laswell asks Task Force 141 to look into a new case. And right there, a name surfaces. It is “Makarov,” said Price. Thus, the MW3 story will likely be about Makarov and the ultranationalists he’s working with. So, who is Makarov in Call of Duty? If you are a veteran COD player, you’ll instantly recognize this name.

Vladimir R. Makarov, which is his full name, is the main antagonist of the original Modern Warfare trilogy. He is a leader of the Inner Circle, a Russian Ultranationalist terrorist organization. During the MW2 post-credit scene, we even see a reference to one of Call of Duty’s most notorious words – “No Russian”. This is a reference to the original “No Russian” mission from 2009 Modern Warfare 2, where the player participates in a mass shooting at a Russian airport and murders numerous civilians. If you want to learn more about Makarov, check out his Call of Duty wiki page. So, there you have it, that’s who is Makarov in MW2 2022.

Who is Makarov in Modern Warfare 2 2022? MW2 Ending and Post-Credits Cutscenes Explained



  1. H
    Henry Thompson

    How can it be Makarov though if he was killed at the end of the original MW3? That is where I’m confused

    1. H

      It’s a reboot

    2. C
      Code X

      What if ir is simply a code name?

    3. M

      Because this is a new chapter of mw 2019 so mw 2019 and mw2 2022 are two cod’s with the same story line and the original mw’s are different cod’s with a different story line so yeah forget every character in the old days and play the new story line with the same characters but then a new story so also the main characters “raised out of the dead” but forget every dead in the old mw’s

  2. J
    Jc Nichols

    My only question is why is he coming back if we killed him in mw3?

    1. J

      MW 2019 and the new MW2 are prequels to the original Trilogy

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