Car Crash Site Near Observatory DMZ Location

The Warzone 2 DMZ Break Check mission for the White Lotus faction is a brand new quest added in Season 2. And, as the name implies, it has to do with the not-so-functional brakes on a specific vehicle. In this guide, we pinpoint the exact location of the first step of the guide. Here’s where to locate the car crash site near the Observatory in DMZ Season 2.

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DMZ Car Crash Site Near the Observatory Location
Where is Car Crash Site Near The Observatory in DMZ?

Where To Find The Car Crash Site Near The Observatory In DMZ Warzone 2

A lot of missions in DMZ require players to locate specific dead drops. And there, you will drop some essential items. This type of mission was relatively common in Season 1 and continues to be a big part of DMZ in Season 2. Hence, we already have a couple of new missions with this pattern. The “Break Check” mission for the White Lotus faction in DMZ Season 2 requires players to “locate the car crash site near the Observatory”. Once you find it, there should be a hard drive inside it, which you will need to extract. Sounds easy enough on paper. However, many players don’t actually know where to find this crash site. So, where is it?

As the task clearly states, it’s “near the Observatory”. To be more precise, it is just southeast of the observatory complex. There is a dirt road leading down the hill from the Zaya Observatory, going towards Ahkdar Village. And there, right next to the road, you will see an overturned burning car. And that’s our “car crash site near the Observatory” in DMZ. Approach the car, and you’ll get an option to pick up the Ashika Security Hard Drive. By doing that, you’ve completed the first two steps of the mission. Now, all that as left is to find the Waterways Dead Drop and drop the hard drive to complete the Break Check mission.

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