DMZ Phalanx Faction Bug, Tier 1 Missions Already Completed

If you’re experiencing the DMZ Phalanx faction Bug, where some Phalanx Tier 1 missions are already completed, you’re not alone! Warzone Season 4 arrives with a brand new faction called Phalanx to DMZ. In order to unlock it, you will need to grind quite a few missions due to the new Faction Reputation system. However, due to a bug where two of the missions were already done, players don’t have enough Phalanx Faction reputation to unlock Phalanx Tier 2. Here’s what we know about this, and how it can be fixed.

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DMZ Phalanx Faction Bug, Tier 1 Missions Already Completed
DMZ Can’t Unlock Phalanx Tier 2 Missions.

DMZ Phalanx Tier 1 Missions Already Completed Bug, Can’t Unlock Phalanx Tier 2 Missions Fix

After completing the story mission “Icebreaker” on Black Mous Tier 1, players will be able to unlock the Phalanx Faction. However, upon unlocking it, there’s a rather unpleasant bug. Namely, for the two of the Phalanx Tier missions it says they are already completed. With the checkmark on then. However, players are not rewarded Phalanx Faction reputation points for these missions. That’s because they have never actually completed them. Hence, this creates and issue as these players can not progress to level 3 of Phalanx to unlock Tier 2 even after they play and complete all other missions. It is a rather annoying bug, as players are unable to unlock Phalanx Tier 2 Missions. Is there a solution for this?

While we’re waiting for the developers to fix a bug, the only workaround is to unlock the daily urgent mission for the Phalanx Faction and then complete it to get the 100 reputation points and unlock the Level 3 reputation. This will bypass the bug and allow you to unlock Phalanx Tier 2 missions in DMZ. To unlock Phalanx Urgent missions, you will need to extract Bottles of Hydrogen Peroxide, Cephalexin, or Acetone. With that said, our “DMZ Phalanx Faction Bug, Tier 1 Missions Already Completed” guide is completed. If you know another workaround, please, share it with us in the comments section!

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  1. D

    The urgent missions are also bugged for Phalanx.
    I have Icebreaker completed from Black Mous and the Phalanx Urgent Missions are still locked so I cant gain rep, and progress.

    1. D
      Dave Finegan

      I’ve got same issue frustrating

    2. P
      pc gamerz hawaii

      exit the game and reload for it to unlock the daily quest

      1. A

        ahhh thx man!

    3. A

      I have the same problem, the workaround for the bug is not working because a second bug 😉

      1. S

        Didn’t work

  2. S

    this doesn’t work i completed and it failed to give the xp

  3. D

    I’ve completed the daily challenge and the first gave 0rp and the next with 100rp didn’t count. 2 bugs in one.

  4. M

    DMZ Phalanx Faction is still bugged. Is there any news from the devs? Its a waste of easy exp…

    1. T
      Todd Chapin

      Same Here im stuck still bugs at tier 2 phalank

  5. H

    I also got this bugg. I unlocked my daily challenges to try and bypass … but did not give me credit….. that’s two daily challenges done … will try again in 12 hour lol

  6. T
    Todd Chapin

    Hi i am at Phalanx and im stuck it wont work still BUG at tier 2 am stuck it wont let me move to new missions i am stuck at tier 2 phanlank PLEASE FIX IT and how to report this to get it fixed please please anyone help out

  7. J

    Spoiler. Same thing happens in tier 2.
    Start doing the daily missions.
    Good news. There are many upgrades available for cash wallet, mission items and Weapon stash.

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