DMZ Non Discriminatory, Shadow Company Soldiers Locations

Not sure where to find the Shadow Company soldiers for the DMZ Non Discriminatory Crown mission? We’ve got you covered! Warzone 2 Season 2 has arrived, which means a lot of new content to dive into. This includes a brand new Crown faction with several tiers of new missions. In this guide, we provide Shadow Company Soldiers locations on Al Mazrah and Ashika Island so that you can complete the “kill 8 Al-Qatala and 5 Shadow Company soldiers” task.

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DMZ Non-Discriminatory, Shadow Company Soldiers Locations
DMZ Shadow Company Soldiers

Where to Find DMZ Shadow Company Soldiers Locations, Non Discriminatory Crown Mission

The Crown is the fourth faction added to the DMZ extraction mode in Warzone 2. The faction was added as a part of the Season 2 update. However, unlike other DMZ content, the Crown are not free. Rather, they are only available for those who own Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. If you’re one of these, you’ve probably stumbled upon the DMZ Non-Discriminatory mission. Here, you will be tasked to kill 8 Al-Qatala and 5 Shadow Company soldiers in the same deployment. Sounds quite self-explanatory.

Nonetheless, the confusion here stems from the fact that Al-Qatala bots are from the Al Mazrah map while the Shadow Company soldiers are occupying Ashika Island. Thus, doing both tasks in the same deployment seems technically impossible. Thankfully, it is possible to finish this mission.

Specifically, the game will allow you to finish this mission in two deployments. If you successfully complete the final exfil on Al Mazrah with 8 Al-Qatala soldiers killed, you can continue the DMZ Non Discriminatory mission on Ashika Island. And that map is full of the Shadow Company soldiers. At the moment, we don’t know if this is a bug or if it’s working as indeed. Hence, you better hurry up and do it while it works, as the developers might patch it out. (UPDATE: As of Season 2 Reloaded, this trick no longer works!)

An alternative solution is killing both the Al-Qatala and Shadow Company soldiers on the Al Mazrah map. Namely, some Shadow Company soldiers can be found around the Sattiq Cave Complex in Al Mazrah. And if the developers fix the “in the same deployment” requirement, this might end up as the only option. With that said, our “DMZ Non Discriminatory, Shadow Company Soldiers Locations” guide is completed.

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