DMZ Failed Bombing, Defused Charge Ahkdar Statue Location

The DMZ Failed Bombing mission is a Tier 4 Black Mous quest added at the start of Season 2. Players must “Loot and Extract the Defused Charge From the Ahkdar Statue” for this mission. Furthermore, you must bring proper components to several dead drop locations. In this guide, we explain where to find the Ahkdar Statue, the Defused Charge location, and everything else you need to know to complete the DMZ Failed Bombing mission.

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DMZ Failed Bombing, Defused Charge from Ahkdar Statue
Where is the Ahkdar Statue in DMZ

Defused Charge from Ahkdar Statue Location, DMZ Failed Bombing

Call of Duty Warzone 2 Season 2 introduced a brand new extraction map – Ashika Island – to the game’s DMZ extraction mode. This also means a whole lot of new missions. However, some of the new missions require players to visit the old map – Al Mazrah. And what’s even more interesting is that many of the missions combine these two maps, requiring players to deploy on both to complete all mission objectives. One such mission is the DMZ Failed Bombing Tier 4 Black Mous mission.

The first step in the Failed Bombing mission requires you to “Loot and Extract the Defused Charge From the Ahkdar Statue”. This means you’ll have to deploy on the Al Mazrah map. For this task, you’ll have to visit Ahkdar Village. In case you’ve forgotten, the village is at the 6F coordinates in the south-central part of the map. Southeast of the Zaya Observatory and southwest of Al Sharim Pass. The Ahkdar Statue is at the very centre of the village, on a nice little plaza surrounded by arched walls. The Defused Charge is right next to the statue’s feet. Check out our images below so that you know exactly where to look.

Once you have the DMZ Defused Charge, you’ll need to extract it, meaning to complete the exfil. The next DMZ Failed Bombing mission step says that you need to “Bring the Charge to the Ashika Waterways Dead Drop With Electrical Components and a Battery to Rearm the Charge”. Deploy on Ashika Island, and check out our Waterways Dead Drop Location guide. Finally, head back to Al Mazrah on your next deployment, and drop the Rearmed Charge to the Al Sharim Pass Dead Drop.

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