DMZ Heavy Chopper Fuel Locations

Not sure where to find Heavy Chopper Fuel locations in DMZ? We’ve got you covered! Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 Season 3 has just arrived. And if you’re interested just in Call of Duty’s extraction mode, you’ll not be disappointed. There’s a plethora of new content and features to explore, including a new faction, new missions, and several new features. Read on as we explain how to privately exfiltrate an Exclusion Zone DMZ in Season 03.

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How to get Heavy Chopper Fuel in DMZ

The Heavy Chopper, which saw its Call of Duty debut in Ground War and Invasion within Modern Warfare II modes, now arrives in DMZ! This special vehicle will not only provide a new way of ariel travel but will also introduce a new way to privately exfiltrate an Exclusion Zone DMZ. However, it will not be that easy. By default, the chopper is fuelless. Hence, you will need to find and bring fuel before being able to use it. The Heavy Chopper doesn’t use ordinary fuel. Rather, it requires a special type of fuel, which can only be found in two locations.

The first location is Al Mazrah Airport. Searching inside the orange caches and behind the locked doors will be your best chance to find it. Another place where you will be able to find this fuel is on the train. While we can not verify this, some players reported that there are some Heavy Chopper Fuel canisters in train cars.

Once you have the fuel, simply bring it to the Heavy Chopper’s location, fill in the chopper, and start flying. You can use it just as the regular chopper around the map. Furthermore, alternatively, you can exfiltrate at any time for free. This can be done by simply flying outside the boundaries of the map. Good luck!

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