DMZ A Helping Hand, Place Gun Oil in the Enfer Store

In our DMZ A Helping Hand, Place Gun Oil in the Enfer Store guide, we are going to show you how to complete this mission. Namely, we’ll first show you where you can find the location of some gun oil, though the spawns are random. Then, we will show you where to take the gun oil, C4 and electric drill to finish the quest. Let’s dive in!

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dmz a helping hand place gun oil in the enfer store
DMZ A Helping Hand, Place Gun Oil in the Enfer Store

DMZ Gun Oil Location in A Helping Hand Mission

Finding the location of the gun oil in the DMZ A Helping Hand mission is the most difficult part of it all. That’s because it’s a random drop. Granted, the other two items you need, the C4 and the electric drill, also have their problems. However, the gun oil is the biggest bummer. It’s a very rare drop. The best place to look for them, if any location can be called that, is in the screenshot below. It’s a small complex just south of Al Mazrah City, but technically belongs to the Mawizeh Marshlands zone. Search the whole place, and you’ll very likely find some drills and, if you’re lucky, the gun oil. If you don’t, then simply exfil, sacrifice something to the RNG gods, and try again.

gun oil location in a helping hand mission dmz

Place 1 Bottle of Gun Oil in the Back of the Enfer store at the Sa’id Shopping Center

The first step of the DMZ A Helping Hand quest is to place one bottle of gun oil in the back of the Enfer store at the Sa’id Shopping Center. However, you also need to place the electric drill and the C4 in the same place, so you should probably gather all three before heading over there. So, head over to the mall in Sa’id City and climb to the roof. In the southwest corner, near the dome, there’s a staircase. Go down one flight, then straight ahead and through the first door on the left. Go through the door in front of you. The room through the doorway is where you need to be. Just mind all the AI enemies and explosive tripwires. This video by GuidingLight does a good job of showing you the location.

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