DMZ Zarqwa Hydroelectric Dead Drop Location

Not sure where to find the Zarqwa Hydroelectric Dumpster Dead Drop location in DMZ? We’ve got you covered! Warzone 2 Season 2 has bestowed us with a brand new extraction zone – Ashika Island. However, for those of you who love the Al Mazrah map, there’s plenty of new content and locations there as well. In this guide, we pinpoint the exact location of the Hydroelectric Dead Drop on Al Mazrah.

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DMZ Zarqwa Hydroelectric Dead Drop Location
DMZ Hydroelectric Dead Drop on Al Mazrah

Where to Find Zarqwa Hydroelectric Dumpster Dead Drop Location DMZ

Aside from the brand new faction, each of the old DMZ factions has also received a new contingent of missions in DMZ. And similarly to Season 1, there are quite a few missions where you need to find something and deliver it to a specific dead drop. The new season introduces several new dead drops on Al Mazrah, such as the one in Al Bagra Fortress. This guide explains explicitly where to find the Zarqwa Hydroelectric Dead Drop. As the name implies, this one is located at the Zarqwa Hydroelectric point of interest.

In case you forgot, the Hydroelectric is southwest of Al Mazrah City and southeast of Rohan Oil, near the centre of the map. Before going there, a fair warning – the location is densely populated with aggressive bots, which can melt you down. Hence, be careful and come well-prepared. This POI is interspersed with several canals with several bridges across them. Once you are at the E4 coordinates, head to the most southeastern bridge in the area. There are other bridges across the canal to the south, but here we are talking specifically about this region. Check out our map for the exact location. And right next to the bridge, there’s a small private house and a giant white dumpster next to it. That dumpster is our Zarqwa Hydroelectric Dead Drop. With that said, our guide is completed.

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