Find the Detonator at Graveyard Warzone 2 DMZ

If you can’t figure out where to find the detonator at the Graveyard in Warzone 2, don’t worry, we’re here to help you out. This is one of the steps (or individual missions) that you can complete in Assault on Vondel, and it’s pretty tricky. The detonator is a tiny box on one of the graves tucked away in a corner. Hopefully, this guide will help you out, so let’s begin.

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find the detonator at graveyard warzone 2
Find the Detonator at Graveyard Warzone 2

Warzone 2 Find the Detonator at Graveyard

EDIT: it seems that the detonator actually spawns at random locations. So, you’ll have to look through the whole graveyard regardless. Original text follows.

To find the detonator at the Graveyard in Assault on Vondel in Warzone 2, you need to look in one of the corners of the area. Specifically, head left after you exit the main building (the funeral parlor / crematorium). The detonator should be near the first grave next to the fence. The grave is pretty small, and so is the box the detonator is in. You have to focus on the box, then press and hold the Interact button to complete this step of the mission. All that’s left to clear the area is to kill ten enemy soldiers in the Graveyard and complete a contract started in the Graveyard. That should be the easy part, honestly; at least you don’t have to look for box that’s really hard to see.

And there you go, that’s where you find the detonator at the Graveyard in Warzone 2 for the Assault on Vondel. By the way, all the other areas of Vondel offer the exact same three steps: find the detonator, kill ten enemy soldiers, complete a contract started in the area. Not exactly the most imaginative mission design, even if their only real point is to introduce you to all the new locations. Anyways, if you need help with something else in Warzone 2, check out some of our other guides. We have articles like Laswell’s Letter Upload Station Radio Tower Location, How to Unlock Tempus Razorback Assault Rifle and Fix Missing DLC Pack, Multiplayer Not Installed.

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