DMZ Beach Club Observatory Deck, Shadow Company USB Stick

The DMZ Muddy Waters Tier 1 mission for the Legion faction is one of the new missions added with Season 2. Players need to find and extract the Shadow Company USB stick from the Ashika Island Beach Club observatory deck. However, many players are not sure where they need to go in order to find this USB stick. Read on as we pinpoint the exact DMZ Muddy Waters USB Stick location.

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DMZ Muddy Waters Shadow Company USB Stick Beach Club Observatory Deck
DMZ Shadow Company USB Stick Location

Where to Find Shadow Company USB Stick in Ashika Island Beach Club Observatory Deck

So, where is this Shadow Company USB Stick in the Ashika Island Beach Club observatory deck? With Warzone 2 Season 2, DMZ has received a brand new extraction zone called Ashika Island. It is a whole new map, albeit siginicalty smaller than to Al Mazrah. Nevertheless, it still can get rather confusing to navigate through it, especially in the heat of battle. Hence, many players don’t know where to find specific locations and missions. Especially for the new DMZ Muddy Waters mission for the Legion faction. In this guide, we will provide the USB stick location, which is the first step of the mission.

The first step is to reach the Beach Club on the Ashika Island map. It is at the southwesternmost corner of the map. However, the Observatory Deck is a little bit more to the east. It is a huge round platform above the sea. Check out our images below so that you know exactly where to go and what you’re looking for. The coordinates are F8. Once there, you will need to swim towards the Observatory Deck.

When you reach the Deck, dive into the sea near a boat, as seen in the image below. You’ll find an entrance to the submerged part of the deck. There will be several toolboxes inside. Make sure to loot them all. And in one of them, you will find the DMZ Muddy Waters Shadow Company USB Stick. With that said, our guide is completed.

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  1. N

    I have been looking for that USB for hours. Lol. Thank you!

  2. L

    You missed a step, drowning and being unable to be revived because you’re underwater. The game does NOT give you enough oxygen to complete this.

    1. D

      That’s why you have teammates. If you die, someone goes down and revives you. If they don’t have the air, they can stop and have the third teammate finish the revive.

    2. B

      Uh yes you can, its 10 seconds of work

      1. K

        You can swim up the stairs to get air between searches and return out the broken window

    3. E

      HAHHA jezz dude chill! You totally have enough time. I have played this game maybe 10 times… it was sooo easy. xD

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