Adopt Me New Pets, Egg Refresh 2022

Adopt Me is a wildly successful and popular Roblox title in which you, yup, you guessed it, adopt and care for various pets. The game is constantly changing and being updated with new pets. The latest update will see an Egg Refresh in the game, with many many pets being retired from Adopt Me and several ones being added to it. In this Adopt Me New Pets, Egg Refresh 2022 guide, we’ll see which of these new pets, including the Alicorn and Dragon, are going to be available in the Basic Egg soon.

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Adopt Me New Pets, Egg Refresh 2022

New Adopt Me Pets Alicorn, Dragon & Others

The Egg Refresh is going to take place this Thursday, July 21st, 2022. This Basic Egg refresh is going to bring new pets to the Royal (it costs 1450 Bucks), Pet (this one can be bought for 600 Bucks), and Cracked Eggs (for the price of 350 Bucks) in Adopt Me. There are going to be fourteen new pets. These are: Mouse (Common), Ant (Common), Poodle (Uncommon), Camel (Uncommon), Donkey (Rare), Zebra (Rare), Parakeet (Rare), Orangutan (Rare), Robot (Ultra Rare), Corgi (Ultra Rare), Swordfish (Ultra Rare), Dragonfly (Legendary), Alicorn (Legendary), and Ancient Dragon (Legendary).

Adopt Me Retired Pets List

Here is the complete list of all the pets in Adopt Me which are going to be retired: Red Panda, Shiba Inu, Beaver, Bunny, Rabbit, Snow Cat, Snow Puma, Fennec Fox, Puma, Chocolate Labrador, Cat, Dog, Otter, Dragon, Unicorn, and Buffalo. So if you want to get them in the usual way, you better be quick about it, since they won’t be available like that anymore very soon. Though, don’t worry, there’s still a way to get them even after that. You will be able to get them from the Retired Egg. Note that this Retired Egg is only available in the VIP Room in Adopt Me.

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