Crown Intel Ashika Power Plant Location, DMZ Muddy Waters

The DMZ Crown Intel item is located somewhere in the Ashika Power Plant, and you will need to find it and extract it in order to complete the final step of the Legion’s Muddy Waters mission. In this guide, we pinpoint the exact DMZ Crown Intel location in the Ashika Power Plant.

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Extract Crown Intel Ashika Power Plant, DMZ Muddy Waters
DMZ Crown Intel Location in Ashika Power Plant

DMZ Where to Find and Extract the Crown Intel From the Ashika Power Plant on Ashika Island

Before we proceed further with this guide, we must point out that this guide is specifically about the Crown Intel. If you need info about the Ashika Island Intel or the Shadow Company USB Stick, check out our dedicated guides on where to find these two items. With that out of the way, let’s jump to the topic of this guide. This is the third step in the Legion’s Muddy Waters Tier 1 mission. It asks players to “find and extract the Crown Intel from the Ashika Power Plant on Ashika Island”. Hence, the first step here is to head to the Ashika Power Plant.

The Ashika Power Plant is an isolated building west of the Castle, in a roughly triangularly shaped yard surrounded by a mesh fence. Check out our map below for the exact location. And see the image so that you know what you’re looking for. Once there, enter the plant and head upstairs to the top floor. The only way to reach the final floor is by the ladder, which you can see in our image below. On the top, enter the control room through the glass. Kill an AI bot inside, and look right behind the desk. There you should find the DMZ Crown Intel lying on the floor just below the desk.

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    James Pollard

    Would’ve been real nice if you mentioned that the power plant is a stronghold. Went there and achieved nothing. Thanks a bunch

    1. Yeah, there’s currently a bug with insanely strong AI, sorry 🙁

    2. B

      You literally see that it’s a stronghold in the reference picture 🤔

    3. J

      lol it’s right there in the picture. I get the feeling you are used to not achieving….

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      Like you can’t see the map?

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