DMZ Storm the Stronghold Not Working Bug Solution

Storm the Stronghold is a Warzone 2 mission that can be very difficult to solve. Not only does it consist of three complicated and hard objectives, but even worse – these can be bugged, preventing you from completing this mission altogether. So is there any solution for the DMZ Storm the Stronghold Not Working Bug? Luckily, there are several things you can try out to get this working as intended, and we are going to cover all of them right here in this guide.

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DMZ Storm the Stronghold Not Working Bug Solution
DMZ Storm the Stronghold Not Working Bug Solution

Storm the Stronghold Not Working Bug Solution Warzone 2

There are several problems that can arise here, most of them having to do with the game refusing to mark the steps as complete. If you are unsure how to do these individual steps, here’s how to Acquire the Stronghold Keycard, and how to Extract the White Lotus Intel. But what to do if the mission won’t get completed even when you have successfully done all three of these objectives? The first bug fix method you can try is to check to see if your inventory isn’t full. Sometimes, because of this, you can’t receive the reward for completing the mission (due to a lack of space there) and that’s why the mission doesn’t register as done.

Several players have reported that they managed to complete it this way. The other method requires you to exit the mission if you have all three completed objectives. Then, before the mission launch, go to Edit Missions. There, you will see a button in the bottom left of the screen. Click in and this will show you the completed missions for this tier. What you want to do here is to deselect the completed missions and then unselect and reselect the Storm the Stronghold mission. Hopefully, this should do the trick and the game will “realize” that the mission is complete and allow you to progress. If not, the only thing left is to wait for an official fix from the devs.

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