DMZ Team Player, Request to Join with 2 Nearby Enemy Operators

Not sure how to complete the “Team Player” Black Mous mission in MW2 DMZ? In Warzone 2’s Tarkov-like mode, players are presented with a series of missions to complete for the three main factions. Some of these missions will be easy to complete, some not so. Some tasks, like “Request to Join with 2 Nearby Enemy Operators” sound straightforward, but they actually cause problems for many players. Read on as we provide tips and tricks on how to complete the DMZ Team Player mission.

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DMZ Team Player, Request to Join with 2 Nearby Enemy Operators
DMZ Team Player Mission

How to Request to Join with 2 Nearby Enemy Operators for Team Player DMZ Mission

Before you even start this mission, you must first set some things properly in order to even be able to complete the mission. Your in-game voice channel must be set to “All Lobby”. Here’s how to do that:

  • Hit the Options buttons (on consoles) or Esc (on the PC) to open the Settings menu.
  • Scroll to the right to open the Settings tab.
  • Scroll down to the Audio settings.
  • Select Game Voice Channel.
  • Select “All Lobby” from the four available options.

This means that you will be able to communicate with all players in the match. Including the enemy operators for the “Team Player” mission. Furthermore, the second thing you’ll need to do before the match is to toggle off the “Squad Fill” option from the lobby screen.

With both of these options set as required, now all that has left for you is to try and find some enemy operators to join them. In order to “Request to Join with 2 Nearby Enemy Operators”, you’ll need to press the ALT key on the PC or press Up on the D-Pad on consoles. And, of course, they will have to accept. The rest is all luck, but here are some tips and tricks to maximize your chances to complete the “Team Player” mission:

  • Try around the Chemist zone.
  • Try near the Juggernaut boss zone.
  • Look for other solo players.
  • Look for downed players and ask them.
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