Valheim Mistlands Egg Hatching Explained

If you need the Valheim Mistlands Egg hatching explained, you’ve come to the right place. It’s a new mechanic, so it’s fine if you need some help with it. In this guide, we’ll first show you how to get an Egg in the Mistlands update. Then, we are going to explain how to hatch the Egg. It’s a little tricky, but nothing insurmountable.

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valheim mistlands egg hatching explained
Valheim Mistlands Egg Hatching Explained

How to Get Egg in Valheim Mistlands

To get an Egg in the Valheim Mistlands update, you need to go and trade with Haldor. By now, you’re probably well-acquainted with the traveling trader. If you need a refresher, he’s the guy that sells you the Megingjord belt, the Fishing Pole, and other useful stuff. Haldor spawns pretty much only in the Black Forest, and you never really know where he’ll be. So, best of luck to you. Before you go looking for the trader, though, make sure that you’ve killed the boss in the Plains, Yagluth. That seems to be the prerequisite for Haldor selling Eggs. Also, keep in mind that the Eggs cost 1500 Gold each. Make sure to save up.

How to Hatch Eggs in Valheim Mistlands

So, now that we know how to get an Egg in Valheim Mistlands, how do you actually hatch them? Well, it’s a little tricky. They need to be warm, and they need a roof over them. And walls. So, I recommend building a separate little shelter for the Egg that can comfortably fit both it and a fire. Now, you want the Egg to be close enough to be warm, but not so close that the chick falls into the fire and dies. So, place the Egg at a distance from the fire and watch it for about ten seconds or so. If it says Warm, try moving it away and watch it again.

Basically, you want to place the Egg as far away as it can be while staying warm. It takes two in-game days to hatch. The chickens eat Turnip Seeds, by the way. And, yes, they make more Eggs, so you can raise a bunch of them eventually.

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