Enter Koschei Complex, DMZ Bedrock Bugged

Bedrock is a Black Mous mission that has been around in CoD Warzone 2 for a while now. One of the objectives for this mission requires that you “Enter the Koschei Complex”. However, as of Season 4, there appears to be a problem with this. Namely, if you try to enter this location as you normally would, the Bedrock mission still does not take this into account. Consequently, you can’t complete it. But is there anything that you can do to to fix this bug and progress with the mission. Indeed, there is. Here’s what you need to do to get around the DMZ Bedrock Bugged issue and successfully enter the Koschei Complex.

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Enter Koschei Complex, DMZ Bedrock Bugged

How to Fix DMZ Bedrock Bugged and Enter Koschei Complex

As you know, the issue here is that the game refuses to register that you have made your way inside the Koschei Complex. Because of this, the entire Bedrock mission can’t be finished. So what’s the solution here? Well, there are two methods that you can try to fix this. The first is to enter it via the Al Mazrah City entrance below the bridge. Players have reported that they managed to advance the mission by entering the Koschei Complex through here.

And if that isn’t working, there is a second solution you should try. This requires that you enter the Koschei Complex once from each one of its entrances. We know that this is far from ideal and that it can take a lot of time (not to mention – enemies that you’ll need to go through), but as of right now, this is the only other way to fix this. Hopefully, one of these two methods is going to work and you’ll be able to complete the Bedrock mission without too much further hassle.

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