DMZ Muddy Waters Island Intel Location

The DMZ Ashika Island Intel location is an item you’ll need to find on the new DMZ map in order to complete the second step of the Muddy Waters Tier 1 mission for the Legion faction. This guide explains where to find and extract the Ashika Island Intel from the underground waterway.

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Extract Ashika Island Intel, DMZ Muddy Waters
DMZ Muddy Waters Ashika Island Intel Location in the Underground Waterway

DMZ Muddy Waters Mission, Find and Extract the Ashika Island Intel From The Underground Waterway

Before we jump to our guide, you should know that this article is only about the second task of the Legion’s Muddy Waters mission. If you don’t know how to complete the first step, we have a dedicated Shadow Company USB Stick guide, so check it out. Now that we have that cleared out, let’s jump to the second task. To reach the Underground Waterway on Ashika Island, you’ll have to go to the Port Ashika point of interest. That’s the G6 coordinates on the new Ashika Island map, at the southwestern edge of the map.

The entrance to the underground waterway is at the end of the small canal, opposite the red bridge. Once you reach Port Ashika, simply go down to the canal and take the path into the tunnel. One warning, though. Numerous AI combatants heavily guard the area. It is unlikely that you will be able to deal with them alone. Hence, go there well-equipped and with a squad. And be very careful not to die, especially inside the tunnel.

Clear your way towards the rear end of the underground waterway. And in the deepest part of the tunnel, you’ll see a cargo container. Enter the container, and inside it, on the ground, you’ll spot the Ashika Island Intel. Grab that item, and that’s it! With that said, our guide is completed. Have fun and good luck!

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