Handwritten Note from Sailor to Captain DMZ Warzone 2

If you have found the “Handwritten Note from Sailor to Captain” in the DMZ Warzone 2 mode, you are probably wondering what it means. MW20’s DMZ mode has proven to be one of the most exciting new additions to the Call of Duty franchise. This extraction-type mode has players completing various missions for the three factions and unravelling all kinds of secrets across Al Mazrah. One such secret is the Handwritten Note found inside the Hafid Ship First Mate cache. Read on as we explore what this note means and if is there some secret behind it.

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Handwritten Note from Sailor to Captain DMZ Warzone 2

DMZ Handwritten Note from Sailor to Captain & Hafid Ship First Mate Cache Explained

During your operations across Al Mazrah you’ll stumble upon numerous keys and locked locations or items. Oftentimes when you find a key, you’ll only receive coordinates for where you need to look for the item it unlocks. And some vague explanation of what it unlocks. For the Hafid Ship First Mate Cache, you will get a key once you unlock the Traveler’s Luggage Lock at the Airport. At least that’s where we got the key. And to get the key for the Luggage, you’ll need to complete the Dead Drop mission. Now that you have the Hafid Ship First Mate cache key, head to the ship docked at the Hafid port. There, in one of the rooms, you’ll find the Hafid Ship First Mate cache, and inside – the Handwritten Note. Here is the full text of this note:

Note from Sailor to Captain

Captain, we found this in his bunk. The journal was damaged, but I transcribed what I could make out… “This boat. This sea. I may never come back. Once upon a time, two of us ate seven whole loaves of bread and called it good… Why does that banging never stop? I think the captain wants me, Samum, locked up. I should make sure he doesn’t find these notes. They know it was me who started the fire. I can hear them coming down the hall. They think they have me trapped. I may need to jump overboard… and off to Taraq.”

So what does this mean? To be perfectly frank, as of now, we are yet not sure. It could be just a piece of lore to give more colour to the story of DMZ, or it can be some piece of a puzzle of which we are yet unaware. Have you found something about this Handwritten Note from Sailor to Captain? If yes, share it with us in the comments section!

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