Hydro Island Computer Location DMZ Warzone 2

Are you maybe wondering “Where is the Hydra Island Computer in DMZ”? If yes, you’ve come to the right place! The MW2 DMZ mode has dozens of various keys, and there’s always that one key for which you simply don’t know what it unlocks. For example, The key to the Zarqwa Hydro Island Computer. If you don’t know the location, in our guide, we pinpoint the exact spot.

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Hydro Island Computer Location DMZ Warzone 2
DMZ Island Computer Location

Where to Find Hydro Island Computer in DMZ Warzone 2

So, you probably know this by now, but every key in DMZ will provide you with coordinates once you select it in your inventory. And the key to the Zarqwa Hydro Island Computer says “E4”. So, that’s the starting point. When you check out your map, you’ll see that’s the Zarqwa Hydroelectric point of interest. Head there and then go to the island right in the middle of the area. The one that is connected with its surroundings through several bridges.

On the island, you will look for a red building with a pond next to it (it’s the only body of water inside the island). Check out our map and images for the exact location. The building can be entered from three sides, so it really doesn’t matter from which side will you approach it. Enter the red building and head to the backroom. In the back room, you’ll spot a desk. And right next to it, the Hydro Island Computer! And that’s it, that’s the location you were searching for. Just don’t be disappointed with what you’ll find inside. In most cases, it will only be some electrical components, worth around $100. With that said, our “Hydro Island Computer Location DMZ Warzone 2” guide is completed.

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