Pet Sim X Elf on the Shelf Location Day 7

The Elf on a Shelf is a Christmas tradition, so it’s no wonder that it has also arrived to Pet Simulator X. This Roblox smash-hit revolves around pets in all shapes and sizes, and the devs of this game decided to mix it up a little for Xmas. Namely, they have – among other things – added an Elf of the Shelf that you can find in the game. The trick is that it changes its location each day. To help you find it, we are going to tell you the exact Elf on the Shelf Location for Day 7 in Pet Sim X.

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Pet Sim X Elf on the Shelf Location Day 6
Pet Sim X Elf on the Shelf Location Day 7

Where to Find Elf on the Shelf in Pet Simulator X – Day 7

Now, before we tell you the location of the Elf in PSX for Day 7, we have to clarify a couple of things first. First of all, the location of the Elf on the Shelf changes each day. Of course, this also depends on the time zone where you are currently residing. So if you can’t find the Elf at the spot we described it is at, try searching for it in yesterday’s location. Finding the Elf each day is very much worth it, since doing this will get you a whole bunch of rewards, including Diamonds.

Day 7 refers to Friday, December 23rd, 2022. To find the Elf on the Shelf today, head to Spawn World, and go to the Forest area there. Look for the large Upgrades sign there. You will see the Elf itself is sitting on top of it. We have marked this exact spot in the screenshot below. So simply go up to it then and interact with the Elf to get your rewards for successfully discovering its location for the day.

Elf on the Shelf Location Day 7 Pet Simulator X
Elf on the Shelf Location Day 7 Pet Simulator X
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