Pokemon GO Egg Hatching Widget Explained

The Pokemon GO Egg Hatching Widget is a widget tied to the game that lets you track and move along the progress of the eggs you have in the incubators without having the app open. It’s really useful. Besides, some events actually give you perks for using the widget. All that being the case, here’s how you add and use the Egg Hatching Widget.

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pokemon go egg hatching widget explained
Pokemon GO Egg Hatching Widget Explained

How to Add & Use Pokemon GO Egg Hatching Widget

To add and use the Pokemon GO Egg Hatching Widget, you have to go through different steps depending on whether you’re on iOS or on Android. If you’re on iOS, open your Home Screen first. Then, tap and hold an empty area Until the apps jiggle. Next, tap the Add button in the upper-left corner. Select the Pokemon GO widget, and then Add Widget. Tap Done to finish the process. The process on Android is pretty similar. Tap and hold an empty space on the Home Screen, and then tap the Widgets icon when it shows up. Scroll through the widgets until you find the Pokemon GO one. Tap and hold it until you get your choice of home screens. Drop the widget wherever you want it.

So, that’s how you add the Pokemon GO Egg Hatching Widget, but how do you use it? Well, you just need to tap the widget to open it. That will let you track the progress of the eggs you currently have in the incubators. That, in itself, is useful because you don’t have to have the app opened at all times. You can get the distance while, say, jogging, without draining your battery and whatnot. Moreover, certain events give you bonuses for using the widget. For example, during the 2023 New Year event, the first three Eggs hatched during the event using the widget will require you to walk only a quarter of the distance. Plan accordingly!

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