Konni Laptop, DMZ Follow Instructions

Not sure what is the Konni Laptop in DMZ? The new season for Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 has also delivered an abundance of new content for DMZ, including dozens of new missions for old factions and a brand new extraction zone – Ashika Island. In this Follow Instructions mission guide, we explain what the DMZ Konni Laptop is and where to find it.

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Konni Laptop, DMZ Follow Instructions
DMZ Konni Laptop Location

DMZ Follow Instructions, Where to Find Konni Laptop

Although significantly smaller than Al Mazrah, the DMZ extraction zone Ashika Island hides numerous secrets. Just like on the original map, you’ll find many items for which you will simply not know what they are and what to do with them. Most of them will be various keys or common items which you can sell or drop if they are required for some task completion. However, there are also many unique items which also don’t provide any explanation. One such item is the DMZ Konni Laptop. Since the start of Season 2, many players reported finding this item. However, no one knows what to actually do with them. So, what is this laptop?

Contrary to some players’ belief, this is not the Governor’s Laptop. However, it also is a quest item (it goes into the mission tab), so keep it if you have found it! You will need the Konni Laptop for the Legion Tier 4 “Follow Instructions” mission. So there you have it; that’s the laptop’s purpose. The mission requires you to find the notes in the Al Bagra Fortress dead drop and follow its instructions. The note speaks of a civilian who was to deliver the laptop to the Ashika Island Hotel. Hence, if you want to find the DMZ Konni Laptop, you most likely need to look for it in the Ashika Island Hotel. We will update the article once we know the exact location. If you know its exact location, share it with us in the comments section!

DMZ Follow Instructions, Where to Find Konni Laptop
The laptop is most likely somewhere inside the Ashika Island Hotel. (Click to enlarge)
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  1. O

    The laptop is on the top floor of the hotel in a large bedroom on the bed, just dont know what to do with it

    1. It is a part of the Legion Tier 4 “Follow Instructions” mission.

    2. J

      Found it on the top floor of the Ashika Hotel in a safe. Extracted it and it stayed in my loadout bag so I assumed it was important. Glad I checked!

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