North Canals Info Booth Key & Location DMZ Warzone 2

Not sure where should you use the North Canals Info Booth key in DMZ? You’ve come to the right place! Warzone 2’s map, Al Mazrah, is absolutely massive both in terms of scale and density. It hides numerous secrets which sometimes can not be easy to uncover. This guide provides you with the exact North Canals Info Booth location in DMZ.

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North Canals Info Booth Key & Location DMZ Warzone 2

Where is the North Canals Info Booth Location in DMZ Warzone 2

Scattered across the Al Mazrah map are numerous doors, objects, and buildings that require a specific key to unlock them. While some of these keys drop from a specific mission, location, or character, a vast majority of these keys are random drops. And when you find them, they only give you a short, vague description and tac-map coordinates. These coordinates are not particularly precise, and they only give you a tile which covers quite a large area. Nonetheless, these tiles are always our starting point. At least, they give you a location where we need to go in order to search for the object/door unlocked by a key. And the North Canals Info Booth key says that we must go to the F3 tile.

Right from the get-go, you’ll see that we need to go to Al-Mazrah City. The city lies on several canals. However, the North Canal flows directly through the centre of the city. Several bridges cross the canal, and you will need to reach the one in the centre. Check out our map below for the exact location. Head to the promenade next to the bridge on the southeast side. There you’ll spot a small isolated building with the word “Information” on it. And that’s the “North Canals Info Booth”! Use your key to unlock it, enter inside and grab the loot! Have fun playing the game!

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