Omars Auto Repair Key & Location DMZ Warzone 2

Want to know where is Omar’s Auto Repair in DMZ Warzone 2? For many players, Warzone 2’s extraction mode DMZ sometimes might feel somewhat overwhelming. This is due to intense action, pressure to complete missions, competitive AI, and a ton of keys for which they don’t know what they unlock. This guide provides the location of Omar’s Auto Repair in Warzone 2 DMZ.

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Omars Auto Repair Key & Location DMZ Warzone 2
What does Omar’s Auto Repair key unlock in DMZ?

DMZ Omars Auto Repair Key Location

Like with almost all other keys in DMZ, this one is also a random drop. Thus, if you have somehow found this location but you have no key, we can not help you in that case. You’ll simply need to get a bit lucky and get the key randomly. However, if you have Omar’s Auto Repair key but you don’t know where to use it, you’ve come to the right place! The key’s description will tell you that you need to go to the C7 tile. Hence, open your map, find these coordinates, and head there.

However, tiles in DMZ cover a rather large area, and they only narrow our search. They don’t really help in pinpointing the location. Don’t worry; we are jumping in there! What you are looking for is located northwest of Sawah Village. Check out our maps below for the exact location. On the northern outskirts of Sawah Village, you’ll find a group of four buildings. Many of them are partially submerged. And the one we are looking for is halfway deep into the water.

The submerged building we’re looking for is half-yellow, half-dirty-purple. Check out our images below so that you know exactly how it looks. That’s Omar’s Auto Repair! You’ll need to enter the water and look for a door which leads inside the building. This door requires no key. Once inside, you’ll need to go through another door (check the image) and find the door that uses Omars Auto Repair Key! Open them and grab the loot inside! With that said, our guide is completed.

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