Traveler's Luggage Key & Location DMZ Warzone 2

Not sure how to unlock the Traveler’s Luggage in MW2 DMZ? We’ve got you covered! The new Warzone 2 and DMZ map, Al Mazrah, is absolutely massive. You’ll stumble upon numerous locked locations and items during your missions there. And for most of them, you will probably have no clue how to unlock them. In this guide, we provide Traveler’s Luggage key location to unlock the duffle bag at the airport.

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Travelers Luggage Lock & Key Location DMZ Warzone 2
Where to find a Traveler’s Luggage Key in MW2 DMZ?

How to Unlock Traveler’s Luggage in DMZ Warzone 2

During your stay at Al Mazrah, you will find all kinds of keys. Some of them are random drops, others are rewards. But for most of them, you will have no clue where to find that which it unlocks, except for the coordinates. The same goes in the other direction. You’ll find many locked doors and items, but you will have no keys for them. One such item is the Traveler’s Luggage. You’ll find this one at Al-Malik airport, in the second floor’s waiting room. It’s right above the main entrance. When you climb the stairs, turn right and then go towards the main entrance. Check out our images below so that you know exactly where to go.

Now, if you know the location of the duffle bag, but don’t have the Traveler’s Luggage Key, we have the answer for that as well! Unlike many other keys in the game, this one is not a random drop. Rather, you will receive it as a reward for Legion’s Dead Drop mission. You can check out our separate guide for that for all the details on how to complete it, and where you need to go. With that said, our “Travelers Luggage Key & Location” guide is completed. Have fun!

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    Opening this luggage DOES NOT count as a locked space for the third mission objective “Use a key to unlock a locked space.” for the Legion Key Elimination mission. Extremely aggravating.

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    Jayden keane

    I have found the key on a hvt

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    Thanks for the first comment, saved me some time

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