Zaya Observatory Dead Drop Location, DMZ Pathfinder

Pathfinder is a White Lotus Tier 2 mission. Here, the first mission objective that you will need to fulfill is to “Loot the GPS tracker from the dumpster dead drop in Zaya Observatory.” But where is the exact spot where you have to do this? Well, to save you from having to look everywhere for this Zaya Observatory Dead Drop location in CoD Warzone 2 DMZ Pathfinder, we are going to show you precisely where you need to go.

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Zaya Observatory Dead Drop Location, DMZ Pathfinder
Zaya Observatory Dead Drop Location, DMZ Pathfinder

Loot the GPS Tracker From the Dead Drop in Zaya Observatory

The description for the mission tells us a lot about where we need to go and what we need to do there. “We placed a GPS tracker at the burger shop at the observatory. We need you to use the GPS to help us update our topographical maps of the area. We’ll need frequent sample points across the AO to accurately krige together into workable data. Take the tracker from the dead drop, visit all of the major points of interest, and return with it.”

Since the pathfinder is an old mission from season 1, the Zaya Observatory location is on the Al Mazrah map. But there is a catch here, as the dead drop has been moved to another location. So, as you can see, the first step is to go to the dead drop location and pick up the GPS tracker from there. We have marked the spot where you need to go to get it in the screenshot below. It can be found in the dumpster there. It’s northeast of the Observatory. Specifically – over in the alleyway of the building that is most often a stronghold on the side facing the Sharim Pass. Look for the building with a huge red Burger logo on it.

Once you have acquired it, the rest of the mission will then have you travel to every POI in Al Mazrah in one deployment and make a successful exfil. Of course, this is by no means an easy feat to accomplish, so it’s best if you try to do this with the helicopter. You will need to refuel the helicopter a couple of times, but doing it like this is far easier than attempting to complete the entire mission on foot.

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    Johnbill Doe

    This looks to probably be a good mission to skip doing as knowing all the POI’s and certain to hit them all may be hard to figure out easily!

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    They removed in one deployment part, so you can achieve this in 2-3 games.

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