Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsycho Sighting Bloody Ritual

Bloody Ritual is one of the cyberpsycho sighting gigs in Cyberpunk 2077. In order to complete it, you have to search the area for information, then face a boss-type enemy. Preferably without killing them, at least if you’re following Regina’s instructions. You might have trouble analyzing the scene, which is why we’ve written this Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsycho Sighting Bloody Ritual guide.

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cyberpunk 2077 cyberpsycho sighting bloody ritual
Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsycho Sighting Bloody Ritual

Once you arrive at the scene, you’ll find a dying Maelstrom ganger. You can grab a shard from his body after he expires, and crack it for additional info – it’s not necessary, though. What is necessary is finding the clues at the scene in order to summon the boss.

Search the area to collect information

The first clue is the fridge filled with ice in the middle of the area. After that, scan all the dead bodies around it – all of them will have different causes of death. There’s a bunch of human entrails by the pile of trash bags, too. However, the hardest clue is the dead body with the laceration on his stomach – it’s hidden behind a crate, so you might spend quite some time there without finding it.

Once you’ve scanned everything, the cyberpsycho will appear in the fridge. If you can dispatch her using non-lethal force, Regina will be thankful. If there’s no way to sneak up on her, you can use a baton or a tranq gun, or some similar weapon that has a non-lethal mode.

She’ll attack you with mantis blades, though, so be ready to take some heavy damage, and make sure to have a bunch of health boosters at your disposal.

Cyberpsycho sightings are usually not this involved, but this one proved to be a tought nut to crack. If you’re having trouble with any other of these gigs, let us know in the comments and we’ll look into it.

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  1. J

    The quest is bugged out for me. I have found all clues, but nothing happens.
    I have restarted the game, came back at a different time, progressed further in the main quest, nothing…
    I hope this gets resolved soon, I’d like to make a 100% playthrough.

    1. M

      weird not sure if im supposed to kill her or seomthing, she’s dead already but the quest tells me to read the shard? at the same time i can still hear her breathing

      1. T

        I can still hear breathing too

    2. R

      This quest bugs if you try to access the area from anywhere but the entrance where Johnny will suddenly appear.

      There’s also an issue with using weapons with PAX (non-lethal chip) which always ends up killing her even though the chip is supposed to make sure you dont.

    3. R

      Same, quest is stuck, i cant scan body behind crate, only Silverhand dialog

    4. Z
      Zebulon Lee Patterson

      I had the same issue so i went back to a save before bloody. Then went through everything. The only thing that changed was the guy that was alive spoke before dying. Hope you have good luck.

    5. D

      Did you crack the security on the shard you picked up?

    6. A

      Yeah, I have the same issue found all the clues but the quest is just bugged.

    7. Y

      Same, but I couldn’t scan the body with the fragment and somehow I hacked the fragment and the body exploded ??‍♂️. Now it’s stuck

    8. T

      Yo I’m dead thank you, same here. I was looking for a bug in this game instead settled with some eddies from the roof of the data tower around there. Nomad out.

    9. T

      It wasn’t working for me but I skipped time (in pauseenu) to ~9:30pm (possibly after 9pm) then walked in through the road entrance until Johnny appeared. Side mission loaded fine and I just finished. Seems like the article has it during the day but maybe they changed it? It does make more sense for a ritual to occur at night…

      Using Google Stadia.

  2. L

    Mine was doing the same thing. I got through it by not taking her up the platform. Just fight around the ritual sight. She ended up dying by fire damage as well, of that helps

  3. S

    Yeah im having the same problem as all of you, scanned all the clues, but no cyberpsycho. Hopefully this gets fixed in an upcoming patch.

  4. B

    I finished the quest but I can still hear her breathing!

    1. J

      Same here…so annoying

  5. M

    quest gets bugged if you enter from behind the ritual scene. enter from the road

  6. B

    If anyone is hearing the breathing even after you complete the quest, try reloading your last save or quit the game and relaunch it, that fixed it for me. hope this helps

  7. D

    I have done everything it wants me to even send the text to Regina jones and it still won’t complete for me. it just has a gold marker over the cyberpsychos body still and I can’t do anything with them.

  8. T

    Got this issue as well, but I was able to finally clear it. The guy that passes out on the ground has a shard and the game displays a tutorial too quickly about how you have to decrypt the shard. Found the Shard in main menu > character > shards and at the list at the very bottom. Decrypting it created a new shard titled “!!!” that when you read it cleared the quest for me.

  9. R

    Sooo… am I the only one who saw the kid/figure on top of a power generator thing (under the spider on the wall) opposite of where all the blood is on the wall, then my vision (in-game) got all blurred as if I was hacked and then the figure disappeared? I almost shit myself – that was before the cyberpsycho appears. Legit the creepiest moment of the game for me. The figure was in all black, red eyes crouched and staring at me, then poof – gone.

    1. C

      I thought I was imagining it! Just saw a flash of something on the generator as I was looking away

  10. T

    I can’t scan the guy. Didn’t get a new shard “!!!” after decryption of “It’s Time”. Not even still as I turned on the light. Johnny’s sitting on the crate the body is next to. I am stuck. Oh well. Off to something else I guess for now. 🙂 Oh and it’s just after 1 a.m. (in game)

  11. T

    Not a bug.

    in front of box Johnny is sitting on there are som trash on the ground. shoot it or what ever to disturb the trash. Then you can scan the blood there. after that.. Enjoy the action

    1. B

      I did, and scan the testicles, but nothing happen.
      Still stuck

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