Cyberpunk 2077 In Style Trailer Highlights the Trends of the Future

In the Cyberpunk universe, it doesn’t so much matter what you do, as long as you look good doing it. Your appearance carries a lot of weight, and will impact how people perceive you and your capabilities. I assume Cyberpunk 2077 is going to function similarly. You can never get a second chance for a first impression, my friends. As we’ve already discussed, your ride can be a big part of it, but what comes out of the car is way, way more important.

cyberpunk 2077 in style trailer highlights the trends of the future
Cyberpunk 2077 In Style Trailer Highlights the Trends of the Future

The “2077 In Style” trailer revolves around four major styles prevalent in Night City – Kitsch, Entropism, Neomilitarism and Neokitsch. So, let’s go through them all briefly, shall we? First off, Kitsch, the tagline of which is “Style over substance.” This is what most of us imagine when we think “cyberpunk.” You know, the brightly-colored hair, eye-watering clothes, neon everywhere, sleek implants that are form and not just bare function. You do need some means to look like this. It’s as classic a fiction look as it gets this side of steampunk.

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Next up, we have Entropism, which is a style that, I think, is closer to the gritty reality of Night City. It embodies necessity over style, and originates during and just after the corporate wars that left many people destitute. The clothes you wear if you choose Entropism serve mostly just to cover your naughty bits and for pockets, not much more beyond that. Similar situation with the implants – very little pizzazz to be found, they are there for a purpose, and if they look cool, that’s just a bonus, not a feature.

Then, there’s Neomilitarism, which lies in the cross-section of corporate elegance and the sleekness of future military equipment. Substance over style, if you will. The clothes are simple, but that certainly doesn’t mean cheap, quite the opposite, much like the implants. They seem like they’re barely there, but they most certainly are. Neomilitarism is basically about flashing your money but only to those that are in the know like you. And, of course, projecting power in a subtle, menacing way.

Last, and in my opinion certainly the least, we have Neokitsch. It’s like Kitsch, but for the richies. Street fashion, but on a budget of a movie star or rap god or what-have-you. You know, like Kylie Jenner wearing a Slayer T-shirt. Neokitsch is for corporate brats rebelling against their caretakers until they settle into their corporate job a few years later, or the equivalent. That’s where you get those glitzy cyborg people that are all gleaming chrome. It looks cool, to be sure, but lacks the soul, if you ask me.

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