Cyberpunk 2077 Postcards from Night City Trailer Unveiled

CD Projekt Red released several new flavor videos about Cyberpunk in Night City Wire Episode 3. One of these is the Postcards from Night City trailer. The video serves to give you the feel of the city and its two faces. See, the rich and the poor of Night City live in two very different realities; the wealth gap is ever increasing, the poor are getting poorer, the environment’s gone, and corporations control almost every waking hour. Nothing at all like we have today, right?

cyberpunk 2077 postcards from night city trailer unveiled
Cyberpunk 2077 Postcards from Night City Trailer Unveiled

From the materials that CDPR has shown up to now, one could easily argue that Night City is another character in and of itself. It certainly is in the tabletop game. In a sense, you’ll have to develop your relationship with the place just like with the NPCs. Plus, whatever Night City inspires in you will definitely inform the ultimate destination of your journey. Will you step over bodies to reach the top? Become a freedom fighter and stand up for the downtrodden? That’s, of course, up to you, but the city will help shape you, trust.

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Anyways, what I love about the Postcards from Night City trailer is how well it encapsulates Night City in a matter of minutes. It adds so much flavor by juxtaposing fancy talk shows with street-level shots. And, of course, there’s the sarcasm of it all, such as the host saying that there’s no greener grass than in the city, only to cut to the blasted wasteland that surrounds it. Also, I’m pretty sure we see an Oprah stand-in at one point, which is hilarious.

All jokes aside, Night City is a miserable place, full of poverty, filth, and crime. However, it’s also a place of opportunity, if you know which backs to scratch. Whether your motivations end up being selfish or altruistic, one thing is certain: you will have to get your hands dirty. Nobody ends up unblemished. Good luck.

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